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Lambretta LN 125, test (city and highway driving)
Lambretta LN 125, test (city and highway driving)

On this occasion, the people of Lambretta Asturias were in charge of lending us the Lambretta LN 125 that you can see in the photos. And from there we buzzed off to Peggy Sue's Gijón Restaurant to carry out the session that accompanies these articles.

Although the second day it was expected that a gale would penetrate from the Cantabrian Sea, luckily it was not like that and we were able to take full advantage of both days and carry out a complete test of those that I like to tell you so much and in which I try not to leave anything in the pipeline.

Lambretta LN 125: the city, its ideal terrain

Lambretta LN 125

Walking the first few meters and before beginning to reel off all the sensations that the Lambretta LN 125, we can highlight two details above the rest: the esthetic, which powerfully draws attention at traffic lights and wherever we leave it parked. It is not uncommon to appreciate how people draw their phones and some come to ask if it is a new or refurbished model.

The second detail that I could appreciate is its great agility. The 12-inch wheels that we mentioned allow to make changes of direction with great ease. It is such that avoiding a gutter, I made a change of direction applying approximately the same force as for the KTM 690 Duke and I almost donned my hat. He could have made a whip that not even Edgar Torronteras that …

Coming out of stopped the traffic lights, the Lambretta LN 125 accelerates with force, more than other 125 of similar power. Speaking of sensations and without the stopwatch in hand, I could ensure that the setting of the variator has been thought precisely in the acceleration aspect, rather than in the top speed as we will see later.

Lambretta LN 125

Its sound is quite serious, more similar to a 300cc than a 125cc. And speaking of sounds, or more specifically of noises: the settings of the handlebar caps were not entirely correct and while running or turning at low speed, you could perfectly appreciate how they creaked and brushed among them. On the other hand, I did not appreciate large vibrations in any of the rev ranges that can be reached with maximum city speed.

The brake feel in city is Right, although its lever and front calipers do not tell us exactly how much force we are applying. The rear drum on the contrary, if it is quite dosable and taking into account that I am no longer used to these brakes (the last time I had used them was on a bicycle when I was 14 years old), it seemed to me pretty good.

At his controls he feels very narrow so, along with its agility, it is easy to avoid city traffic and move easily between the rest of the cars. But it was time to go out into the open and prove that it could give of itself on the road, both by engine and by cycle.

Lambretta LN 125: from point A to point B enjoying the scenery

Lambretta LN 125

Away from the city on the Lambretta LN 125 We screw the gas in thoroughly. The unit, with just over 500 kilometers on its marker, was not yet completely loose, so the figures that we have been able to observe may not fully correspond to those of a fully shot unit, but it does give us an idea.

If you reach favorable terrain and with no wind, the maximum speed that I could observe was 90 km / h, which confirmed our appreciations about the setting of the variator, in which acceleration prevails over top speed. As soon as the road pricks up a bit, it maintains with ease between 70 and 80 km / h. I have not tried it on the La Huesera de Los Lagos de Covadonga straight but for the roads that you can normally find, it allows you to move without risking your skin in the traffic.

Arrived in the area of curves, it is better to take things calmly. The 12-inch wheels, which were an advantage in the city, make the Lambretta LN 125 be quite nervous on the highway. In addition, their suspensions with a soft moron do not incite either to make flourishes at their controls. For example, on longitudinal cracks in the asphalt, it almost became a Scalextric motorcycle since if you let it enter one, it would faithfully follow its route.

The brakes, who behaved correctly in the city, they stay a little scarce on the road. As soon as we increase the speed we have to change the chip compared to other mounts and anticipate the braking a few meters more so as not to force them too much and thus reach the absorption limit of the fork and the front tire.

Lambretta LN 125

Speaking last of the ride comfort, vibrations only appear when we go at maximum speed, and they are not excessively annoying. The seat has a good padding, soft and comfortable. Regarding the posture, something funny happened to me: in the first kilometers, I did not quite latch on properly. It is spacious, and at no time did my knees hit the handlebars like on other scooters, but I didn't know exactly where to sit, if ahead or behind.

Suddenly I remembered the posture that I could see many times other people on their old Lambrettas or Vespa and I tried to sit back, with my legs and knees close together and my body upright. Bingo! Indeed this is the most comfortable position to move on the Lambretta LN 125, maintaining full control over it.

Surprisingly when I got home, the pants I had become cigarette, a tie had appeared to me and I was wearing a parka instead of my jacket. But that will be another story that I will tell you another day. Before I recommend that read the next installment, where we will talk about the highway and the passenger.

To be continue…

We appreciate the collaboration of the Peggy Sue’s Gijón Restaurant in taking the photos.

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