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Antonio Cairoli regains the leadership of MX1 in Kegums (Lithuania). Joel Roelants wins in MX2
Antonio Cairoli regains the leadership of MX1 in Kegums (Lithuania). Joel Roelants wins in MX2

After not scoring in any of the two Uddevalla sleeves, Antonio Cairoli He wears the red badge of leader of the Motocross World Championship in his KTM SX-F 350 by getting a second place and a first place in the Lithuanian Grand Prix on Kegums. On MX2 Joel Roelants he climbs to the top of the podium after taking the victory in the aggregate of the two rounds.

In both categories the bad luck was primed with the contenders for the title, remaining Clement Desalle sixth after making numerous mistakes, leading to Cairoli being awarded the red plaque, and Jeffrey Herlings and Tommy Searle in MX2 they lost valuable points due to mechanical problems with their respective mounts, favoring our Jose Butron who got a magnificent fifth place.

MX1: Antonio "Ironman" Cairoli


Antonio Cairoli came to Lithuania eager to get even with the fiasco committed in Uddevalla, so he came out with his overwhelming attitude, wanting not to leave the puppet with a head. A was marked spectacular holeshot and easily outpaced all the other rivals by making them look like Sundays. He simply had to dose his advantage and let the KTM take him. up to the checkered flag. Meanwhile from behind, his direct rival, Clement Dessalle did not give foot with ball and he fell at the start, having to go up to seventh place, at which point he fell again and ended up going up again to seventh place.

In the second sleeve Antonio Cairoli returned by his own privileges and put himself first distancing himself from the rest, but he would suffer a severe fall in which the ligaments of the left wrist were damaged. Even so, Cairoli would lift the bike, rejoin fifth and go back to the second place thus achieving victory in the Lithuanian Grand Prix and the position of world leader.

Ken De DyckerA teammate of the flying Italian, he would get his first podium of the season by signing a second and third place in one of the Belgian's best weekends in a long time. And in the third of the places of honor, Kevin Strijbos, who won in the second of the sleeves taking advantage of the fall of Cairoli and a valuable second place in the first.

Our compatriot Jonathan Barragan he still cannot find the way and he does not hit the key in Kegums either, signing two discreet thirteenth posts.

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