MotoGP Italia 2012: Toni Elías and Team Áspar break their contract
MotoGP Italia 2012: Toni Elías and Team Áspar break their contract

A few moments before the start of the MotoGP race of the 2012 Italian GP, ​​the news was published on Twitter that Toni Elías and Team Áspar broke their contract. From there the news has spread like wildfire to explain that the situation was already very tense between the Manresa driver and the Valencian manager. Even the latter has explained to the television cameras that in addition to the lack of results, Toni intends to change the Suter chassis that does not adapt to his riding style. A chassis that the Valencian manager considers competitive enough and that he is not willing to change.

Toni Elías and Jorge Martínez Áspar

This is how the rupture of a team that has only lasted nine Grands Prix has been staged. What at first seemed like a safe bet due to the references of the one who was the first Moto2 World Champion has ended him on the floor on the Italian circuit after starting a comeback from 23rd position on the starting grid. It seems that after the summer break The person in charge of piloting the Suter of the Aspar Team will be Jordi Torres, the Moto2 champion in the CEV. What nobody has clarified is the future of Toni Elías.

Nobody just understands what is the problem of Toni Elías since he won the Moto2 World Championship. Since that season, he has been lost, first in MotoGP and now in Moto2, without a motorcycle that allows him to ride his style. All this leads to rumors about Toni and her special character grow something that doesn't seem like the best business card when it comes to ordering a motorcycle from another team. We will have to be attentive to the trajectory of the Manresa pilot.

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