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Minimotard Motorpasión Moto VIII Course: budgets, expenses and final considerations
Minimotard Motorpasión Moto VIII Course: budgets, expenses and final considerations

Let's finish this Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course with the final chapter talking about the vile metal and giving a review of everything we have spent so far. We must make it clear that spending, on many occasions, depends on each person, so our assessment of the budget will have different interpretations. There are unavoidable expenses, like the motorcycle itself. In others there is some margin and instead of an expensive tent we can manage punctually, if we go alone, with an umbrella like the one in the photo. Of the rest of the necessary equipment, trailer, tools, circuit accessories, etc., it is possible that you have some in your possession therefore, here the account is easy, you must subtract from the budget what you already have.

So, although it is not my particular case, we will start from scratch as if we had to buy everything and we will make the necessary clarifications while we break down the expenses. On the other hand, thanks are usually left for last but on this occasion we will mention them now since without the collaborations we have had from distributors and fans, this course would not have been possible in the way we wanted to transmit it., that is, as a real and complete experience. Therefore, we thank the support provided to UNO Racing, MonsterPro, IMR, Circuito Multipistes, Planeta Pitbike and the group of fans, Racing Minimotars Pitbike. Thanks to all and we hope that the Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course has been to the liking of the readers.

The motorcycle

MonsterPro M4 minimotard course
  • MonsterPro M4 CRF70 Z160 Engine, Dunlop TT93GP Tires and Transport: 1490 + 155 + 80 = 1725 euros.

Usually, the experience with the M4 has been positive and few drawbacks can be put to the model of the Salamanca fitter. The bike is quite complete to start rolling with guarantees, although we are literally giving ourselves a treat with a fairly hard rear shock that calls for a softer spring. The CRF70 chassis for its height, requires time to adapt to piloting. This great chassis, a long and crossera fork, together with an asphalt cantilever, give a particular kind of hybrid. For hard asphalt we think a lower CRF50 will work better but if the track includes a gravel section the height and long legs of this M4 will be unrivaled. Some finish can be improved, such as the seat that fell apart on the second day of shooting. The radiator came twisted and it urgently needs a can to collect the excess motor oil since the macaroni for this purpose is located in front of the rear wheel with the danger that this entails. A fundamental piece that almost none of the minimotard models are fitted as standard and should not be missing.

From what we have seen in this course, all motorcycles have their pluses and minuses not existing the perfect mini-scooter. As a general rule, you have to be aware of them continuously and you cannot ask for more for frames that do not reach 1,500 euros. All brands have their things and the choice of the bike, We think that it will depend on whether we are going to prepare it to compete and if we ourselves we will do the mechanical part. If we do the work ourselves, we must directly buy the one we like the most, regardless of the brand, since any glitch that is seen or component to be improved will be replaced. If we do not complicate ourselves in the garage or do the least like oil changes and little else, we are interested in investing in a motorcycle with a superior finish even if it costs more money. In this situation, personally I have no doubt and the UNO Racing SM150Pro would be my mini scooter although it costs 1800 euros and only in CRF50 format so it may not suit some pilots but the quality is at another level.

UNO Racing SM 150 Pro minimotard course

I say this with knowledge because during the course, this writer has lived "camped" in the UNO Racing and YCF workshop in Girona. I have seen it with my own eyes and felt it with my own hands. Also, an important advantage in YCF is that they have several people permanently living in China who control production. We must make it clear that China manufactures perfectly like any other but offer us the quality that we are willing to pay for so your motorcycle can mount a swingarm for 70, 150 or 250 euros, not if you explain to me where I want to go to end up. From the distributors and after sales services you can see everything. Who is serious about delivering a perfect product and in order of magazine, until the one who sends the motorcycle directly from the manufacturer without checking that it is complete and that there are no missing parts. Not to mention the eyepatch pirate who accept a defective lot at a lower price and he is cascading it out there.

Our advice is buy from reputable sellers and distributors of the main brands in the market that will offer a service to match. In this sense, it should be mentioned that MonsterPro after sales is outstanding and flawless solving the few incidents that we have had quickly. But I insist that they are motorcycles of little more than 1000 euros with what that entails. You cannot ask for more, although it is not an apology, the fact that they are cheap, to swallow everything, it would only be missing! You just have to keep this detail always present. Better, reserve part of our budget to add pieces of quality or other components over time and our mini scooter will give us many joys and days of impressive batches. With all its details, I would recommend the practice of this discipline to any fan without a doubt.

Equipment and accessories

Minimotard accessories course
  • Rider equipment, jumpsuit, helmet, boots, gloves, back protector: 450 + 250 + 180 + 40 + 80 = 1000 euros.
  • Single lane trailer with spare wheel, jockey wheel, anti-theft and straps: 495 euros.
  • Keyset ratchet, gasoline can, funnel and screw fixer: 100 + 20 + 7 + 39 = 166 euros.
  • Empty toolbox and small material, flanges, etc: 30 euros.
  • Accident insurance of the ANPA: 110 euros per year.
  • Two rounds of filming on a karting circuit that accepts ANPA insurance: 70 euros.
Minimotard extreme lying course

We are going to clarify a little equipment and accessories while we delight in an extreme knockdown of Sebas, one of the usual guys in the Pitbike Racing Minimotars rides, the team of Charlie and Eloy that we have seen several times during the course. By the way, if you're thinking about it I'll tell you that Sebas He did not fall despite the spectacular fall almost touching the elbow. He is a very fast driver who will surely have to talk about in the races in which he participates, and like the rest of the members of this Catalan team, a joy to see him roll on the track.

I do not think it is very common but, in the hypothetical case that you come to this world, as is vulgarly said, with one hand on each egg, or in a chopped ball, taking out calculator we have 1871 euros for equipment and accessories described above, which must be added to the 1725 motorcycle, making a total of 3596 euros. But I insist, it is unusual since we always have something to take advantage of, clothing, a helmet or tool. Likewise, for this "turnkey" project, that is, with real data on what it costs to see you rolling, those 3,500 euros "with everything" do not seem far-fetched to me.

Some have told me that for that price a supermotard is made from a dirt bike … My answer has been that also for 1500 euros you have a CBR 600 from yesteryear and you can go to a big circuit … Each one with their money to do what they want. My opinion is that with that budget you do not ride a decent supermotard and with guarantees in any way. And watch out, what It remains to buy all the equipmentRemember that I am talking in this paragraph about someone who starts from scratch and has absolutely nothing.

Minimotard group course

In my particular case, comment that, of the equipment, I only bought the suit in one piece, the rest I had. For towing you always have to value the rent And, if you have a van, then another less thing to spend on. And remember that you can always share if we shoot with friends regularly. For the tool I took advantage of many things that you find at home and I only bought an empty box to be able to transport them since I bought the set of ratchets a long time ago. I have only purchased the drum together with the funnel, the screw fixer and small material. Regarding the ANPA insurance, if you ride little you can take advantage of the insurance included in the batches but these, obviously, will be more expensive.

For example, an all-day run in the last karting we stepped on cost 55 euros without insurance of the ANPA and 45 if we had it. The average shot from three in the afternoon in that case cost 35 or 25 euros. Me I definitely advise you to take out the insurance of the ANPA. And red bunting, this course is over, I can add little more than to recommend to everyone that they do not hesitate to get on the bandwagon of the minimotard if they want to have a good time without ruining themselves.

Minimotard scooter course

I hope that this Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course has been to the liking of all of you and of some light to those who want to start delving into the world of asphalt pitbike. For me it has been one more challenge, professionally, and a personal reunion. It has been more than 15 years since I ran a scooter among straw bales through those Gods parking lots, since we hardly had circuits, although I had the privilege, and enough dose of youthful madness as to get into the mythical urban layout of La Bañeza. Things have changed a lot since then. Something more experience is treasured over time, and some gray in the hair but I always say that they are not gray, they are curves in which you are forced to enter and… ayyyy!… The gray comes out. The years have passed through my skin the illusion and the desire to ride a motorcycle have not changed. A great surprise and joy to return for my old privileges by the hand of these mini-bikes that I recommend again. See you on the circuits!

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