Better buy a Vespa, the solution to traffic jams
Better buy a Vespa, the solution to traffic jams

Ok, I have to admit that I liked the video so much that I couldn't resist putting it here. Before him possible London traffic chaos during the next Olympics Vespa dealer and workshop R. Agius Scooter proposes that those who have to go to work without fail while the city is thrown into chaos buy a Vespa. This way they will avoid having to depend on the bus or the subway that will be packed to the brim. Even the Queen of England (and her dog) ends up on Agius's Vespa.

When the Vespa was invented the idea was to provide a cheap and easy to maintain personal means of transportation. In the sixties / eighties the Vespa began to be sold as the solution to cities with increasingly congested traffic. And lately it is sold with the idea that in addition to all this a Vespa consumes little, which makes it the panacea vehicle. The best thing is that if we replace the Vespa brand with another, the whole equation still works.

Congratulations to Claudia Agius who came up with the idea and to Kayla Bell and Gareth Harwood who did the animation. As a friend who reads MotorpasiĆ³n Moto says I loved it!! Huy, I forgot, to see who knows what movie is honored with him Green Volkswagen Beetle that is repeated between the cars.

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