MotoGP Italia 2012: Jorge Lorenzo takes the roller out and walks through Mugello
MotoGP Italia 2012: Jorge Lorenzo takes the roller out and walks through Mugello

When the traffic light goes out Jorge Lorenzo took the lead followed by Dani pedrosa once got rid of Andrea Dovizioso. Jorge, as he said in the closed park, wanted to open a gap from the beginning to get rid of Dani knowing his good moment of form and in fact he had about ten laps behind him until Jorge Lorenzo decided to shoot keeping him at bay.

The start of the race was fairly uneventful, with everyone focused on their positions without major incidents except for a few scare such as Hector Barberá due to lack of grip Ducati, who would soon collapse, and the disqualification of Michelle Pirro. The leaders, Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa, they began to put land in between, asserting a higher rate than that of the rest of their companions.

Dani Pedrosa Italian GP 2012

While Casey stoner He was running very late for what we are accustomed to, on a weekend that it will be better to forget, he went long and marked a long field trip and rejoining tenth. In his recovery he reached Álvaro Bautista and literally pushed him from the inside of the curve even without having gained the position. Finally he would finish eighth and race direction did not see fit to enter to assess a possible sanction on the maneuver.

Meanwhile Stefan bradl He overtook Andrea Dovizioso and stood third signing a spectacular weekend doing a great job of fine-tuning on his Honda satellite. Later, Dovizioso would come back to Bradl's wheel and overtake him, but surely he left Mugello with a very good taste in his mouth seeing how he celebrated when he reached the pit lane. From behind it was approaching Nicky hayden and it seemed that he could fight for the podium, but a slightly fair maneuver made him go off the line and Valentino rossi stole his portfolio and fifth place, becoming the first classified Ducati after the crash of Hector Barberá who lacks rhythm in the race.

Andrea Dovizioso Italian GP 2012

While we were recreating ourselves with the struggles of the middle group Jorge Lorenzo put land in between and took a real eternity out of Dani pedrosa, and it is that six seconds in a straight are very long. Dani tried to keep up with Lorenzo with a fast lap, but the Mallorcan took the hammer and automatically answered imposing a unthinkable rhythm with which the license was even allowed to start greeting the public before crossing the finish line.

Worrying the performance of Ben spies, whom every weekend I see more off-center, having to fight today against Randy de puniet and his CRT. That his sister bike is leading the world championship winning races, within an official team and with a rider who cannot doubt his talent is fighting so far behind in the classification for eleventh place against a CRT is unsustainable, something has to be done. fail.

Once again at the end of the race we witnessed the typical Italian riot with invasion of the track. Passion is fine, but this has always seemed a bit of a stretch to me. It is true that they behaved and were less babbler than other years, so we forgive them.

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