MotoGP Italia 2012: Andrea Iannone wins in his fiefdom
MotoGP Italia 2012: Andrea Iannone wins in his fiefdom

The departure of Moto2 at MotoGP World Championshipand as always the pulsations accelerate. Every weekend I like the intermediate category better, there is always a show. This time Pol Espargaro I left from the pole with ankle discomfort after strike by Johan Zarco, who getting the best time was penalized with 15 places after the controversial maneuver. Marc Márquez started second with problems in the set-up of his motorcycle, something rare within Emilio Alzamora's team.

Andrea Iannone wore a special decoration on his motorcycle and helmet to walk around his land, and boy was he lucky. The Italian inherited the third place on the starting grid left by Johan Zarco and stayed in the shadow for much of the test, but rather I think that what he did was control timidly without risking more than necessary and attack when necessary.


Marc Márquez came out spectacularly well and was first a few meters ahead of Pol Espargaró and Andrea Iannone. It should be noted how clean the Moto2 start was, where there is always tangana there was only one excursion through the field by Claudio Corti. Quickly a line of pilots formed by Andrea Iannone, Thomas Luthi, Bradley Smith, Pol Espargaró, Takaaki Nakagami and Tito Rabat it was placed behind the leader of the championship.

Pol Espargaró with problems gave up positions arriving to roll in sixth place and when he wanted to react his fieryness again he was about to cost him very expensive at the end of the straight. He slid in very strained and passed very close between the Bradley Smith and Takaaki nakagami, similar to Zarco's maneuver in training that brought him to the ground violently. The Japanese by the way had some laps of inspiration getting to lead the test losing positions again just as quickly.

Mid-race Thomas Luthi neutralizes the Japanese strategy and gets first, reacting to Pol Espargaro, who had his pluses and minuses with Thomas Luthi in a race set that led them to touch, being able to fall both. Very strange not to have heard cries of "to the stake!" from a certain commentator, who by the way tires me more every day. You can't be so pedantic.


In the meantime Marc Márquez Wanting to put what was missing from the motorcycle today so as not to lose the rhythm of the leading riders, he came very close to falling to the ground when he lost the front wheel, but he miraculously saved it and from there I changed the chip and started to think about the world cup, validating the final fifth place to score some valuable points and not risk more than necessary on a day when you had more to lose than to gain. Champion thinking when things are out of place.

Pol Espargaró escaped slightly while Toni Elías went to the ground (it would not be the only bad news for him this weekend). Behind 49 Thomas Luthi and Andrea Iannone locked themselves up as leaders of the chasing group, both wanting to go after Espargaró, but they just got annoyed. With three laps to go Iannone marked fast lap, and in the next turn Luthi, which made them clump together again. At the time that Iannone contacted Espargaró at the end of the straight a little mistake The Italian made him have to correct the line and Luthi had to open up to avoid touching him, leaving two pairs. The one that would fight for the first place between Iannone and Espargaró, and the one that would fight for the podium formed by Luthi and Smith.

Finally at the beginning of the last lap Andrea Iannone ahead of Pol Espargaro by slipstream on the straight and tries to force the machine. Espargaró was not going to throw in the towel and tried until the end, but a small scare He made him give up a few meters that prevented him from putting the wheel back in, thus getting the Italian to win at home.

So the world cup tightens. Marc Márquez continues to lead at 34 points and behind Pol Espargaró and Andrea Iannone are tied on points with Thomas Luthi at 6 points.

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