Minimotard Motorpasión Moto VII Course: races, batches and stays
Minimotard Motorpasión Moto VII Course: races, batches and stays

We are going to finish this Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course by watching some options we have to compete. Going out of batches is very fun and enriching but at least once, you should try to sign up for a race. To improve, there is nothing better than riding with drivers faster than us and opening your eyes wide. It is worth competing although later we only dedicate ourselves to doing single batches. But you don't just learn by rolling, in the pits and dealing with people, you gain a lot of experience in other fields such as mechanics.

We can adapt to our liking, that suspension configuration that our neighbor in the box just passed us since he has the same bike as us and a similar weight, for example. Or at least, exchange impressions and feelings. There are also tricks when it comes to accessories that can help us. Not sure what to do with helmets and gloves between runs?. That Ikea hanger that the one next to me wore in the shoot this past weekend you have in mind and it can come in handy. And it is that each teacher has his booklet, as the saying goes. That is why it is important to observe but, returning to the racing topic, the official distributor of the IMR brand will give us some advice below.

Minimotard boxes course

But first, the first thing is to enter the websites of the ANPA and the local Federation that corresponds to us to see the calendars of competitions in force. We recommend reviewing the regulations and keep them in mind. There are categories in which you can participate with the standard engines so it is not complicated or expensive to compete. Groups are made for small and large so age is not a stumbling block. But this, at the end of the day, is information that we can see little by little on the web pages that I mention. What we are interested in is improving the handling and correcting errors on the track and for this, no one better than someone like Daniel from IMR, one of the pitbike brands most involved in competition in our country. Daniel tells us that there are specific courses for adults in which topics such as exits, control of the gas in curves, skidding or the appropriate positions on the motorcycle are covered. You have to be attentive and check the websites of the most representative circuits in your area and that of the aforementioned ANPA to keep up to date with activities.

As a school dedicated to driving, we have the IMR Racing School where active pilots regularly go through their courses to improve and advance their driving. You also learn a lot in the hangouts and shootings, but the vices we have in not having professionals to supervise us can be accentuated. Equally, the more rides we attend, the better. In a recent ride at the Circuit d’Osona, the Catalan Champion gave the wheel to one of the fans present there and the guys from Racing Minimotars Pitbikes did the same with me. In fact, I started the first few runs very stiff on the bike and thanks to the advice of one of its riders, Eloy, I ended up riding much faster and with ease. That in terms of piloting and as I mentioned above, always attentive to the tips and tricks of mechanics.

Mechanical minimotard course

In my case, a modification in the fork of my MonsterPro, raising the bars a bit to leave the lower triple posts, was providential giving the poise to the front that I did not notice in the first few runs. Like on a big motorcycle, better touch a few settings and write down the changes. One of the best way to learn at low cost, and I literally copy the information that Daniel from IMR provides us are the new forms of resistance that have appeared for a year and intend to enhance the good of the competitions. The aim is to experience real physical, tactical and technical competition situations, with the greatest possible mechanical equality and eliminate the negative aspects inherent to racing, such as its high cost.

A championship has been created where mechanics take a back seat. The engines are provided by the organization at a ridiculous price of twenty euros of rent per race. All engines are sealed so they ensure equality and adjust the expense. As advantages, they increase the number of participants and the duration of participation of each pilot. Thus, in the latest tests, the pilots rode more than 3 hours each one in a race with more than 50 participants with which, when analyzing the technical and tactical work of each team, each pilot during their participation multiplies their experience that is up to fifteen times higher than in a conventional race. Not to mention the intense physical work that this type of test develops.

Doohan handle minimotard course

Pitbike racing is increasingly being taken into account by pilots from other disciplines such as preparation for other competitions and to maintain their physical shape. We have finished this course here but we will continue to lead by example and shoot everything we can in addition to bringing to these pages the most outstanding of the national and international pitbike scene. Cups, endurance races, events of all kinds, news, etc. Therefore we make a point and followed and we leave the farewell and closing for Wednesday where we will see the budgets of this Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course.

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