A winner who forgets the last lap
A winner who forgets the last lap

That precise moment …

We put ourselves in a situation. Superstock 600 category of the Italian Speed ​​Championship, CIV for friends. We are at the Mugello circuit, where the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix is ​​being held this weekend. Riccardo russo, a regular among the top positions, leads the test ahead of his closest opponents.

Russo squeezes the right fist of his Yamaha R6 along the long straight of the Italian circuit passing the finish line several meters ahead of the second classified. Victory! thinks Riccardo. But something is wrong, it does not seem that the rest of the competitors are happy with their result, Why is everyone still giving gas? Why is no one congratulating me on the victory?

It seems someone heard the story of Angel Nieto, that GP at Silverstone in 1982, when Ricardo Tormo the 12 + 1 times world champion went through the goal in parallel without a clear winner. Angel, playing mischief, celebrated the victory influencing the final decision that gave him the first place. But, mate, you have to be a little more subtle! although one can learn from mistakes, and if they tell Julián Simón.

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