MotoGP Italia 2012: Maverick Viñales wins in a truly heart-stopping race in Moto3
MotoGP Italia 2012: Maverick Viñales wins in a truly heart-stopping race in Moto3

It seems we always say the same thing at racing Moto3, but it is like that, they are a real madness and have an emotion that makes it unfair that it is the small category. Today in Mugello, in the ninth appointment of MotoGP World Championship, we have once again had a great sample of all this, and it has also taken the victory Maverick Viñales, in a race that has kept our hearts in suspense until the very finish line, and thus managing to make up for his poor performance in Germany.

The podium was completed by the other two drivers who have played the victory with Maverick, Roman Fenati in the second square and Sandro Cortese In the third, so as you can see, it is also a very good result to reduce the difference of the German in the general classification. To get an idea of ​​how tight it has been, Suffice it to say that Fenati has gone 20 thousandths of Maverick, while Sandro did it to 71. And all this with a simply spectacular last lap. But, let us start at the beginning…

We must warn from the outset that it is impossible to capture and transmit here the huge number of overtaking and braking to the limit that we have seen. Thus, the traffic light went out and the first to occupy the leadership was the Malaysian Zulfahmi Khairuddin, who has endured a few laps in that position although then he has lost in the classification. They also came out very well Efren Vazquez, a magnificent Alex Rins, Viñales himself, Niccolo Antonelli, Danny Kent or Sandro Cortese, although it must be said that in the first laps up to a total of fourteen riders fought in the same group.

Roman Fenati

After a few laps of constant changes and braking to the limit at the end of the straight, with up to six or seven riders in parallel, we must regret the fall of two of us who were in that group, Luis Salom and Alberto Moncayo, that he had a monumental anger. A shame in any case for the two drivers. Thus, Khairuddin began to lose steam, while Cortese, Fenati, Rins or Maverick were occupying the leadership and constantly changing positions.

With eight laps to go, Viñales took the lead and began to pull hard to try to dismember the group, and although at first it seemed that he was not succeeding, a couple of laps later he was only riding with Sandro and Romano. And here yes you could see that they were going to play it on the last lap, as it has been. And it was to go through the finish line on the last lap and hostilities broke out between the three drivers. I have to admit that I have seen this return standing up, it was impossible to endure so much emotion. But after much suffering, and it seemed that Maverick was going to lose the race at the same finish line, he has managed to endure and has imposed himself Fenati, who was second, and Sandro, who was third. Behind this leading trio, Antonelli came in fourth, Danny Kent fifth and Efrén finally sixth. Seventh we meet Álex Rins, who I recognize that I love his ways both on and off the track, eighth has been Jakub kornfeil and ninth Khairuddin.

Sandro Cortese

Regarding the general classification, it is still led by Sandro Cortese, although now he has seen his distance cut in half, now leading Maverick Viñales by 9 points. Luis Salom continues to hold third place overall despite today's crash, but the gap is already sixty points. So it is clear that the fight will be between Cortese and Viñales, and the truth is that seeing today's race one thing is certain, and that is we are going to have a great time with their fights and with all the guests who always sneak into the party.

And this is what has given of whether this vibrant Moto3 race with which we could not have started the day better at Mugello. Now its riders have a deserved rest, a rest that MotoGP riders who march towards Dry Lagoon. Deserved rest in any case for these guys who make us enjoy the beauty. Now let's hope that our remaining two races are at least half as exciting as this one. That last!

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