MotoGP 2012: Colin Edwards and the Forward Racing Team tire of BMW and Suter
MotoGP 2012: Colin Edwards and the Forward Racing Team tire of BMW and Suter

It seems that Colin Edwards and the NGM Mobile Forward Racing team have run out of patience and after the Italian GP they will test with an FTR chassis with a Honda engine. More or less replicating the material used by Michele Pirro in the San Carlo Honda Gresini team. The Texan rider has highlighted the problems they are having in the team with the BMW mechanics, the Suter chassis and the Bosch electronics. A team that we already knew were rookies in MotoGP, but nobody expected them to have such poor results at this point in the season.

And that last weekend a team of Bosch engineers traveled to the Sachsenring circuit and even the vice-president of the German brand was there. But it seems that what they brought, and that may be partly the culprit of the 12th place in the race, it has not been enough to keep the project alive. On the other hand, Suter has not continued to evolve the chassis since the beginning of the season. So this weekend could be the last we hear from BMW mechanics this MotoGP season.

After all these explanations I ask myself one thing. Weren't CRTs a way to open the door to new manufacturers in MotoGP? If the team in charge of the development leaves the project with only half a season because they see that their material is not competitive or receives support from the factory. Has this option been diluted in just half a season? Who is going to want to get into this MotoGP hornet's nest? It looks bad, very bad this MotoGP thing if they don't get something out of their sleeve right away to attract new factories and fill in a little more the ridiculous grids of this year.

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