Minimotard Motorpasión Moto VI course: physical preparation and circuit accessories
Minimotard Motorpasión Moto VI course: physical preparation and circuit accessories

Maintaining good physical shape is essential for the practice of any discipline of motorcycling such as the one we see in this Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course. Take it! Alberticu, you've gone bald behind your ears with the sentence! Be careful, that does not seem like a platitude phrase. The pitbike should not be underestimated Because it is a motorcycle of smaller dimensions than the motorcycles that we usually drive. As an anecdote and illustrative example of the matter, a group of fans explained to me how in an ANPA appointment, a rookie driver surprised everyone by staying in the top positions in the lead in the early stages of the race. But incomprehensibly something happened that nobody expected. Little by little and before half a sleeve, our man was collapsing with no apparent logical explanation.

The problem was not the motorcycle, it was simply he was tired and could not bear the intense pace of the race so many minutes in a row. The driver explained that he couldn't, felt exhausted, had a hard time concentrating and eventually went flat, ruining what appeared to be a good racing debut. Of course from that day he took into account his physical form and this did not happen again. Nor do I want it to seem that getting physical for the mini scooter is complicated, it is not, you do not have to go to the High Performance Center or anything like that, it's a matter of perseverance every day and common sense. All very basic and known to all but sometimes left aside. We are going to see it together with the accessories that we must take to the circuit on a day of batches.

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Although I must say that in my particular case, lately my work has been piling up. A recent calf injury, accompanied by a few extra kilos, leaves me a bit depleted and it is difficult to regain physical form. In the world of motorcycling there are specific gym routines for our sport but speaking with the people we have met in the circuit boxes, most of them recommend a physical activity at least three or four times a week and some stretching routines before entering the court, insisting on stretching the sciatica and back. Pool, mountain bike, spinning, etc. Or just walk if you don't have time. Any sporting activity that provides us with some substance and resistance will be welcome. Of course, practiced at least three times a week, four better and with many months of constancy.

This will depend on the time we have and our personal preferences. You see, very simple on paper but many people do not comply. As we say, no magic potions, secrets or spectacular exercises. The key is consistency. If we combine adequate rest and a healthy diet, we have guaranteed success. The night before the rides, it is important to rest well and it can be beneficial to load up on carbohydrates by having some pasta or rice for dinner with few accessories in order to maintain the effort of the next day. Hydration is important and if it is very hot during the sessions, you can drink water with orange oral serum that they sell in pharmacies or isotonic drinks. I recommend you go through our sister blog, Vitónica and use words like “hydration” or “stretching” in your search engine to see the articles they have published on these topics that will surely guide you and be of help.

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On our circuit tour with the Minimotard, we will also need to bring some accessories that will make life easier on our days on the track. We assume that we will carry the basic tools that we have seen in chapter III of this Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course in each ride. Apart from this, you need a can with funnel for gasoline (98 Octanes preferably), which we can buy at any gas station. In many circuits there is usually a cafeteria where you can have a drink but you always need one camping fridge to bring a lot of water and some food. Another simple thing that should not be missing is a simple beach stool or chair since normally in few karting circuits there are boxes. An area attached to the track, made of asphalt, is enabled to set up our eventual camp. It is likely that there is no shade so bringing an umbrella is not unreasonable, or getting together with a friend and buy a tent between the two. Here, as in the chapter in which we saw the tool, there is everything, those who carry what is strictly necessary and even those who assemble an authentic infrastructure as a portable box with a motorhome. We have options for all tastes and pockets but I mean the minimum that should be carried which, as you can see, is rather little.

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As a small important material, I would highlight a small towel to dry the sweat when removing the helmet each batch, roll of paper and wet wipes in case we get stained when touching the mechanics. They seem like trifles, right? Then try not to wear something as simple as the sweat towel and you tell me. As it should always be when we start something new, ask those who know about it, observe people in the pits and take for ourselves the ideas that we can best adapt and take advantage of. I do not forget the basic spare parts of the motorcycle, a small fall can break a lever and ruin our day but to begin with, it is better to start from scratch and add small things, on the fly, levers, a chain clip, etc. It goes without saying that in this sense the atmosphere in the pits is usually very friendly. I have seen a guy borrow a wheel bearing who broke it and it is not a part that tends to break a lot. The most emotional thing that has passed through my eyes It is to see a 61-year-old man, yes, you have read the age correctly, have an ugly fall and uncles less than half his age hugging him with words of encouragement. Come on child, nothing happens! I admit that I was moved when I saw the scene, very big, without a doubt. Bikers are made of other pastaI don't know if it is softer or harder, but made of a different paste.

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Now it just remains to go to the races and in the future we may be interested in participating in some of the races that are organized. We have gradually entered the mini-bikes to, first hand, make these items available to you. I insist that you can go much deeper into each section but the intention is to put the unknown in a situation and offer the minimum and basic documentation to enter this world. So, we are going to refine the technique and gain experience over time, is what we have to do now. But we don't end here. We still have ahead of us to review the options for those who want to compete, make numbers and see what we have spent and we will later bring an article in which to see a full day of riding and in this way, do a review. We continue this next Monday, until then, good batch!

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