Roskva Electric Motorcycles, some Norwegian guys who know what they do
Roskva Electric Motorcycles, some Norwegian guys who know what they do

That motorcycle that you are seeing there, and that looks so good, is neither more nor less than the project of five engineering students from the University of Oslo. So, at first glance, the truth is that it doesn't seem like these guys are wrong about electric motorcycles, and yes, the Roskva Electric Motorcycles is destined to break into the electric superbike segment with force. They had been teaching 3-D sketches and designs for months, but last Saturday, July 7, they made the final leap and showed us this impressive prototype.

It is not necessary for me to tell you that the world of electrics is moving a lot, and that each time the benefits are more spectacular and similar to "normal" motorcycles, and if not pay attention to what these guys have achieved. The first thing that stands out is the excellent use they have made of carbon fiber, using it on both the chassis and the swingarm or transmission system. Come on, they have taken advantage of the cute lightness of this material to get that the frame of the bike only weighs twenty-five kilos. But that is not all…

Since the two electric motors that consigue a power of 94 CV that take it to reach a maximum speed of 180 km / h, using a 6 kWh battery that gives it a range of about 100 kilometers. Hard work friends have had to stick here to get such numbers. In addition, they have that by improving the aforementioned battery the benefits gain a lot.

The truth is that aesthetically it is very, very good, and there are already those who say that it is taken from the street in design to the Brammo waves Zero. And also in performance and potential they are not lagging behind either, so if everything goes well and it manages to be brought into production, this Roskva will be one of the most sought-after electric motorcycles. For now, these five Norwegian boys They have gotten a prototype of a real ten and every day I look with better eyes at this market for which I am still a little skeptical, although less and less.

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