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Red Bull Rookies Cup, the last trace of the two-stroke continues to give a show
Red Bull Rookies Cup, the last trace of the two-stroke continues to give a show

Well, the last remnant of the two-stroke is a saying, because in championships like British Superbikes we still enjoy the 125cc class. Displacement cubed by the KTMs that participate in the latest burnt oil scented edition of the Redbull Rookies Cup, since from next season the youngsters will have to adapt to the 250cc four-stroke KTMs, similar to those of the current Moto3 World Championship.

However, in an age dominated by this type of configuration, it is still possible to listen to the beautiful hum of a 125cc engine going through 8000 laps. The Austrian motorcycles that were once used in the 125 category by the likes of Marc Márquez - what times! - are now used for this promotion cup in which applicants can learn the circuits of the MotoGP calendar.

To be honest, the truth is that Moto3 is working wonderfully, but, to be fair, the sound has left a lot to be desired. So, in order not to forget everything we have lived through for decades, here is the summary of the last test at Sachsenring where the difference between the winner and the second classified was 0.003 seconds. Not to mention the parallel braking of six drivers …

Red Bull Rookies Cup, in equality is the taste

The championship is held at the Jerez, Estoril, Silverstone, Assen, Sachsenring, Brno, Misano and Aragón circuits. In all of them two races are disputed, as at SBK, except at Misano, encouraging the drivers to put all their meat on the grill in every race. In fact, the rider who is leading the classification today, the German Florian Alt, has won "only" four of the ten races contested, abandoning two of them.

A commitment to equal opportunities where a country does not monopolize all the spaces available to run. In fact, 24 pilots represent a total of 15 different nations. Participants like Danny Kent, Luis Salom or the champion from last season, Arthur Sissis, they have carved a niche in Moto3 later. All eyes are on MotoGP, but we watch the next generations from the corner of our eye …

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