Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2012: the FMX party arrives in Spain
Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid 2012: the FMX party arrives in Spain

One more year, and now eleven, we have the great honor of welcoming in our Hispanic lands the Freestyle Motocross World Championship hand in hand with the well-known energy drink brand at its event Red Bull X-Fighters. But like everything that surrounds Red Bull, and as it has been in previous years, it will be a great party where the day July 20th the organization will be in charge of offering us a show that goes beyond simple competition.

The size of the assistant pilots among which we can highlight our three Maikel Melero, Edgar Torronteras and Danny Torres. The first stands out for his daring, taking a giant step forward in his technique based on impudence, standing up to the greats two years ago and staying to prove his worth. The second of them, what am I going to tell you, is the personified veteran, the forerunner of FMX in our country. And the third is a compendium of all the previous qualities, which year after year stands as the favorite for the title and we hope that it repeats victory in the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid and start to overcome a bad start to the season in 2012 to set the path to revalidate the title of the previous edition.

This year the team of riders is spectacular. The mythical Travis Pastrana no longer competes, but a lot of attention to the American Blake "Bilko" Williams about his four-stroke KTM. Last year he left us all speechless with his repertoire of impossible tricks making room until the final, but there he had to do with Danny Torres playing at home and the Sevillian was grown, of course, so he had to settle for second place. For the rest we have everything, even very young like Levi sherwood who holds second place in the general classification behind Todd Potter (Harry's brother), up to the seniority of Eigo Sato already close to thirty and a half.

I leave you a summary video of what happened last year to warm up your engines before going to see this piece of show, and tell you about it later, of course.

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