Rieju MRT50 Pro Competition the most powerful 50 cc on the market
Rieju MRT50 Pro Competition the most powerful 50 cc on the market

They tell in MCN that Rieju is going to put on sale the fastest 50 cc on the market, the Rieju MRT50 Pro Competition. This "innocent" 50 cc motorcycle promises that its engine is capable of giving 15 hp, the same as its 125 cc four-stroke sisters, but with a 50 cc cylinder. Kind of like when we were much younger and we tried to make our Derbi Variants and Vespinos SC give their best with their mechanics. Of course, then we left a good part of the salary by buying 65 cc cylinders, 18 mm diffuser carburettors and exhausts directly inherited from competition motorcycles.

Here, and again attending to the MCN news, we are talking about a Minarelli developed cylinder, a handcrafted exhaust and a Mikuni carburettor with 24.5mm diffuser diameter. Come on, as if they had rescued the dreams of those kids from the eighties and made them come true. Although this time they have also equipped the bike with appropriate suspensions. Using an adjustable Marzocchi fork and aluminum swingarm.

I do not have the technical data sheet of this small atomic bomb, but if it maintains the original displacement I would like to know the revision periods and the duration of such critical parts as the segments. The price is 3,299 pounds sterling, slightly more than 4,150 euros. It may be a lot, but I am sure that more than one burned-out father of that time would be able to spend that fortune to indulge in giving this one a good squeeze. Rieju MRT50 Pro Competition. Although it has to be on the track because something with so much power I highly doubt that it is capable of complying with the regulations for mopeds.

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