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MotoGP Italia 2012: Marco Simoncelli memorial show
MotoGP Italia 2012: Marco Simoncelli memorial show

Traveling through Europe we suddenly ran into the third consecutive appointment in the last month, in this case in the bucolic region of Tuscany, the Italian Grand Prix of the MotoGP World Championship in the circuit of Mugello, where I hope to see a nice tribute to the absent Marco Simoncelli in the Arrabiatas stands, and in the rest of the circuit, of course. Among the various activities that are planned, Honda HRC is going to hand over the RC212V used by the Italian rider to the Marco Simoncelli foundation.

Returning to what concerns us in this 2012 season, I think we will all agree that in MotoGP things are getting interesting, with the fall of Jorge Lorenzo in Holland and the replica of Casey Stoner in Germany, acquiring the Spanish again a lead in the leadership of 16 points but not over Stoner, but about Dani pedrosaWith his regularity, he has placed second in the general classification as the one who does not want to, ahead of the Australian kangaroo by 6 points.

Pedrosa Germany 2012

It is not something strange to see enter Jorge Lorenzo second, winning is always bullies, the strange thing is seeing him enter with a difference so long bulky since Dani Pedrosa crossed the checkered flag alone after the dragging of Casey Stoner. Fifteen seconds away for the Spartan they should have made a eternity, but taking into account that he was convalescing from the fall at the start of the Dutch Grand Prix that has brought so much tail, with a sprained ankle, it is not a bad balance for the weekend. I'll bet what you want that he will put all the enthusiasm in the world at Mugello, but his Yamaha is going to suffer against the fast Honda on the very fast Italian track.

Who is being very competitive is Dani pedrosa, whom for the first time I have seen his teammate stick his tongue out throughout the race. He did not give him any option and the little Catalan seemed to dominate the entire race, and on the other hand, the Australian looked more nervous than usual trying to follow in the wake of 26, so much so that you already know the consequences. I trust that it is not one of those days when Pedrosa has everything ready and they don't even smell him, but that it is a inflection point and be able to be fighting for victory race by race instead of deflating in the final laps after their blazing starts.

DePuniet Espargaró CRT MotoGP

When Casey stoner pressed at the end of the race, Dani Pedrosa knew how to react and hit a pull that led him to exceed the Bridgestone boundaries forward and set off on a field trip. That kind of attitude is what Pedrosa lacks, but it seems to me that he is going to have a problem like another next year when his new friend comes to play with him at recess.

Regarding the CRT the slip of this weekend of Aleix Espargaró it has cost him the leadership of his own classification against Randy de puniet, who is ahead of him by one point. This particular fight is quite entertaining and the evolution of the CRT is evident. The difference in lap times in the race is not as wide as before. Some factory team gets a surprise on the least expected day.

My top 3 for MotoGP:

    Casey Stoner

    Dani Pedrosa

    Jorge Lorenzo

Moto2. Marc Márquez puts the cava to cool

Marquez GP Germany Moto2

So it seemed he was thinking as he led the race in Sanchsenring, leaving a pretty fight behind him between Mika Kallio and the leathery Alex de Angelis. I at least saw Márquez enjoy the race with complete tranquility, without disturbing him excessively. Things are looking quite up to him in the points table, where the difference with respect to the second is already around fifty points or, in other words, two complete races. There is still a long championship to go but I don't think anyone doubts that Marquez will know how to manage the advantage gained and continue winning races with his budding champion style.

This 2012 Pol Espargaró has the obligation to change last year's story, when Marc Márquez won the race and he suffered a fall. Neither thing can happen if you want to keep your options to the title, surely you were thinking about your options when you worked out one last weekend. memorable comeback starting from seventeenth place and crossing the finish line in fourth, it even looked like he was going to be able to pull himself together and join the top three, but physical and tire wear took their toll and he was seen in the box disappointed and disappointed for not being able to reach higher.

Moto2 Germany 2012

Not only does Pol Espargaró have to put the batteries to try to hunt down Marc Márquez, Andrea Iannone and Thomas Luthi They are almost tied with Pol in the general, with the same options all three, but without a doubt the one that more options have to stand up to Catalan is Espargaró. Iannone is not regular, although he is always fighting, and Luthi is regular, but he lacks grit. Our Police is a step ahead Regarding the quality of the other two candidates, let's see if we can finally see the hand-to-hand fight between our compatriots.

I play it in Moto2:

    Andrea Iannone

    Marc Márquez

    Pol Espargaro

Moto3. Sandro Cortese takes the lead

Moto3 Germany 2012

Like the messiah of his land, Sandro Cortese won in Germany, taking advantage of the fact that Máverick Viñales he must have repelled the water like cats, and finished out of the points after qualifying twenty-fourth. So the German on his KTM pata negra has become world leader leading eighteen Points to Viñales, who will bet me the part of my body that you want, whatever it is, this weekend in Italy he will want to win and not give any option to anyone other than himself.

Third in the general is the Mexican, Luis Salom, who once again went up to the podium doing an excellent job. I'm not going to get tired of repeating it, this boy has talent, and with a more than fair material he is having a magnificent season that I hope will bear fruit both in 2012 and in the next. Someone give you a motorcycle that is not a wooden bike, please. We are seeing how race after race he takes his Kalex-KTM above his possibilities based on personal effort.

Viñales Moto3 Germany

Sandro Cortese, Máverick Viñales and Luis Salom they are the only ones above the 100-point barrier after eight races. Behind them we have Alexis Masbou and Romano Fenatti, and neither of them is standing out for their regularity precisely, unlike Salom, doing the little ant there he is, third without any victory this year. This is the real key in such a disputed category, if you are not regular the rest of the rivals pass you by and with still little more of the tests left to run, it is more of a long-distance race than a sprint.

The Thursday 12th We will start with the first free practice sessions, but we also trust in having the confirmation of one of the most anticipated news in terms of transfers and bench movements of the MotoGP World Championship of the last times.

My Moto3 prediction:

    Máverick Viñales

    Luis Salom

    Jack Miller

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