MotoGP Germany 2012: What if Rossi stayed with Ducati?
MotoGP Germany 2012: What if Rossi stayed with Ducati?

It would be curious that after all that is being speculated about next season's signings Valentino Rossi ended up staying with Ducati for a couple more years. This, which at the moment is nothing more than a rumor (another one of the many that have been heard in recent weeks) seems to be gaining body seeing how the 2013 signings evolve.

Reviewing them quickly, Casey Stoner retires, immediately afterwards Jorge Lorenzo renews with Yamaha, the anti-rookie rule is withdrawn so that HRC signs Marc Márquez without problems. This last week it has been heard with great force that Dani Pedrosa will also sign for HRC shortly. Little by little we see how the possible loopholes for Valentino Rossi are closing. Suddenly the 2012 German GP arrives and news is known that could end up marking the future of the Italian rider. Audi takes over the Ducati MotoGP team and meets Valentino.

This morning the heads of Audi and Volkswagen were visited in the Ducati team box, specifically the Audi CEO Rupert Stadler, and the person in charge of Marketing of the Volkswagen Group, Luca De Meo. Although it has not transpired much of what they have talked about, it seems that they have made a "scandalous" offer to Valentino Rossi to continue with the Italian brand. And what is "scandalous" is not the money they have offered, but they could also have talked about a blank sheet to design the Ducati that Valentino wants and that you consider necessary to win. Will we be at the beginning of the end of the four-cylinder Ducati in vee at 90 degrees? Will we see a Japanese-style Ducati without any particular solutions on the chassis? Only time will tell, but it seems that the Germans are going to bet big for the 2013 season and beyond.

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