You ain't made of money so don't waste it
You ain't made of money so don't waste it

With the times that run the affirmation that you ain't made of money so don't waste it, it becomes much more than a reality. And as such the lords of Geico (an insurance company in the USA) have been put to work to explain it in a promotional video of their products. Harley Davidsons, guys in leather vests, and a gas station on a desert highway are the perfect setting for this video.

Surely at home they will have told you similar phrases at some point. Something like If I have money and I get on it, it can't take me anywhere like a motorcycle. Or if I make a sandwich of money, it won't be the same as if I put Serrano ham. But the thing about being made of money and throwing it around had never seen it. And that when I was little I saw Uncle Scrooge plunging into his pool of money and thought it had to be quite complicated. Although it would not be bad to have a pocket like the one my friend Pepe says, one from which the right amount always comes out to pay for what you need.

You can see that, despite the fact that the work week is over, it's still quite hot.

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