MotoGP Germany 2012: victory for Marc Márquez and comeback for Pol Espargaró
MotoGP Germany 2012: victory for Marc Márquez and comeback for Pol Espargaró

This morning the weather finally gave the pilots of Moto2 at the German Grand PrixThe sun was shining and there was no air, and as Dennis Noyes pointed out, this would favor the Kalex that in water they have been too little docile with extreme rigidity that makes them as bearable in water as a motorcycle with square wheels. Practically all the work of the weekend was going to be worthless having done the set-up for a race with water.

But there are some who don't care about that, they just know how to go fast, they get on the bike and hit the handle like crazy. Marc Márquez he has swept the race, at no point has he shown any signs of weakness and has dominated the entire race from start to finish. Pol Espargaro For his part, he had a spectacular race, making a comeback that has taken him to fourth place from seventeenth on the grid, saving a fall that seemed safe.

Mika Kallio

Marc Márquez, Mika Kallio and Julito Simón were the first upon reaching the first bend. Scott Redding was going to the ground in the first third of the circuit after attempting to pass Toni Elijah on the outside and touch his front wheel forcing Elías straight but being able to continue, so that one of the candidates for the title was out of the game, and he would not be the only one today. Andrea Iannone on the eighth lap trying to keep up with Marc Márquez he hit a creep losing the front wheel and the rear wheel afterwards, being able to continue the race but without scoring, a result that relegated him to fourth place overall.

Pol Espargaro Little by little he was recovering positions, about two per lap more or less, until he was seventh. When I reached the very fast right-hand curve at more than 200 kilometers per hour that precedes the Sanchsenring waterfall, I stepped on the inner white line and a tremendous shimmie was about to blow him away. The shock was so strong that the suit's airbag was activated and he lost three places, returning to tenth place and having to overcome again and come back again. How tenacious is this boy who has continued shooting until he placed fourth within three seconds of the leading group, adding 16 points and getting second again in the standings.

Alex De Angelis

Meanwhile the leading trio formed by Marc Márquez, Mika Kallio and Alex de Angelis who had contacted them after the fall of Andrea Iannone they escaped the rest slightly. In some sectors of Angelis he was faster than Kallio, but the Finn had a more constant rhythm, so they entered an absurd fight that led them nowhere except to commute their positions favoring the escape of Márquez so that he could calmly win the race. race and entering the finish line in the same position with which they started their private war. Marc thus closed a wonderful weekend showing once again the winning wood with which he is made.

Julito Simón began to lose positions from the second lap due to the lack of dry rhythm as the rhythm announced before starting the race and that would take him to the final fifteenth place. Right in front of you Nico Terol, Ricky Cardús and Tito Rabat, who signed another book comeback by leaving twenty-seventh and regaining fifteen positions. Toni Elijah I was leaving for drop very disappointed in the performance of his Suter, and Elena Rosell and Axel Pons they did the same but for technical problems.

Moto2 provisional general classification: * 1. Marc Márquez, 152 points. * 2. Pol Espargaró, 109 p. * 3. Thomas Luthi, 107 p. * 4. Andrea Iannone, 104 p. * 5. Scott Redding, 86p.

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