MotoGP Germany 2012: victory for Sandro Cortese after a magnificent comeback
MotoGP Germany 2012: victory for Sandro Cortese after a magnificent comeback

The German Sandro Cortese (Red Bull KTM Ajo) has won the last race today, Moto3, at German Grand Prix after a magnificent comeback. Veteran Alexis Masbou (Caretta Technology) was second and thus finally achieved its first podium after taking part in more than one hundred races. Luis Salom (RW Racing GP) stepped on the podium again and won the third rung of the box.

But not only has he done a good comeback Sandro Cortese. Hector Faubel (Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3) entered the seventh position after starting from the pit lane (his motorcycle stalled on the grid), Efren Vazquez (JHK Laglisse) who started fourteenth finished in fifth position and the own Alexis Masbou rallied from tenth position to hunt down the front group.

The exit was given and Adrian Martin, always with a very good feeling on the water as I had shown yesterday, was placed in the lead followed by Jack Miller (Caretta Technology), Louis Rossi (Racing Team Germany), Jonas Folguer (IodaRacing Project), Luis Salom and his partner Brad Binder (RW Racing GP).

Alexis Masbou

A beginning that reminded me a lot of the 2011 Australian Grand Prix, that of the grid tire strategy between Nico Terol and Johann Zarco on the starting grid and which made Adrián Martín, who started from the pit lane on rain tires, lead the race for six laps.

The Spanish leadership only lasted one lap in this case because the Australian Jack Miller He passed it immediately, taking the lead and pulling hard to distance himself from the rest of the group. Little by little a group of six runners was formed: Jack Miller, Louis Rossi, Adrián Martín, Luis Salom, Brad Binder and Jonas Folguer. The seventh, Jakub Kornfeil (Redox-Ongetta-Centro Seta) was already more than eight seconds away, with Sandro Cortese at his wheel.

The track was improving and a small lane was forming. In these conditions, Sandro Cortese He started setting fast laps and was closing the gap with those in front by leaps and bounds, with Alexis Masbou at his wheel. With 13 laps to go, Sandro Cortese hooked up with the group in front and two laps later was placed leader, with Alexis Masbou second, Luis Salom third and Jack Miller, Louis Rossi and Brad Binder next.

Luis Salom

Precisely these three riders were beginning to have problems following the rest of the riders, leaving the other four in the lead. However, with seven laps to go, Adrian Martin with real acceleration and top speed problems he went to the ground. One lap later, it was Brad binder who ended up on the asphalt.

In the meantime, Maverick Viñales without rhythm, benefited from the improvement of the track and the falls in front, finally reaching the fifteenth position and being able to take a point although it was not going to be easy.

Three laps to go Sandro Cortese managed to take off definitively from French Alexis Masbou and put the direct to take the race and a good handful of points for the championship. Louis Rossi, two laps from the end, was going to the ground in his fight for fourth place with Jack Miller and meanwhile, a little ahead, Luis Salom in no-man's-land was wasting time with the Australian who was trying to snatch the podium from him.

Sandro Cortese won, with a little more than six tenths of advantage over Alexis Masbou while Luis Salom He stepped on the box again with a minimum advantage of 53 thousandths over Jack Miller. Efren Vazquez as we said it was fifth and Hector Faubel, in his magnificent seventh comeback. Maverick Viñales in the end, he lost the battle for points and was seventeenth.

Sandro Cortese

Moto3 provisional general classification: * 1. Sandro Cortese, 148 points * 2. Maverick Viñales, 130 pts. * 3. Luis Salom, 104 pts. * 4. Alexis Masbou, 71 pts. * 5. Romano Fenati, 65 pts.

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