Flying Merkel Tribute, homemade
Flying Merkel Tribute, homemade

Do you want to have a replica of a historical motorcycle but your pocket does not reach? Well, make it. It seems that simple was the thought of Terry Heydt, an American from Minnesota who back in 2009 got down to work to build his own motorcycle inspired by the Flying Merkel of 1905. Of course, our friend did not have enough to transform or disguise a current motorcycle. You can see that he had a lot of free time and he decided to make practically all the parts of the motorcycle.

So with the sole exception of engine that comes from a 1976 Yamaha XT500, the secondary drive sprockets that come from an ATV, the wheels and tires and the steering bearings, the rest has been made by Terry with more or less help. The secret is that Terry realized relatively early that it was easier to draw the parts and touch them up on paper than it was to cut and weld tubes. So the bike was drawn full-scale and got down to business.

Flying Merkel Tribute

Perhaps the most purists say that the engine used has almost nothing in common with the original Merkel, but I think that the mastery of the work that Terry has done completely eliminates any but that we can think of. Another point in its favor is that it has not resorted to the auxiliary industry or for the simplest parts. For instance the seat was made by him and upholstered it with the leather of a jacket he bought for $ 5. Even the levers are self-made.

One of the details that I liked the most is the manufacture of the front fork. Although you can enjoy a lot between the 43 pages of the thread dedicated to the construction of the motorcycle that Terry has written in the Adventure Riders forum. Here I bring you some photos, but I already told you that it is worth taking a while through the construction thread.

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