Minimotard Motorpasión Moto III course: purchase and assembly of the minimotard
Minimotard Motorpasión Moto III course: purchase and assembly of the minimotard

After reviewing the entire offer on the internet and seeing a store you probably already have in charge, or directly you will have already bought your mini scooter. We already have ours and in this third installment of the Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course, we will see how we should fine-tune the mount to start enjoying. We will review the minimal and basic tool What you have to have to take the first steps. It is not something that is very complicated and we have already mentioned that there is the option of buying in a store that gives us the product ready to use. If you choose to do it, we must take into account and follow some basic steps.

The motorcycle chosen for our course is a MonsterPro M4 Z155 although we also ride UNO Racing models. This MonsterPro leaves the factory with a CRF70 chassis, that is, a larger model than its almost identical sister with a CRF50 chassis that has a somewhat smaller chassis. Although it has more models, the MonsterPro high-end range can be said to consist of two motorcycles with a small chassis, one of them with an aluminum frame and the other with a large chassis. All with a 155cc Z engine that gives 17 HP as standard and fully adjustable suspensions on both trains. We are going to assemble it next since as seen in the opening photo, it comes packed in a box.

Minimotard Cage Minimotard Course

The tool you need For the start-up, it is not really very large and it will be good for us to take to the circuits to make adjustments between batches. If we get serious and do some competition in the future, it is worth investing in a tool with a minimum of quality. The array of tool “heavy weaponry” that can be seen around go-kart tracks can be overwhelming between rack-type drawers, compressors, and retrofitted shop vans. We will not need so much for the moment. A box of socket wrenches with a pair of ratchets it is essential as well as a set of screwdrivers, fixed keys, allen, a nylon hammer and some pliers. That's the bare minimum, along with the spark plug wrench, of course. And you should be able to ride the bike with it. Then we add things according to the complexity of the repair or maintenance to be carried out, such as a set of gauges for valve adjustment.

Minimotard Basic Tool Course

Mention that in internet forums, users have left tutorials for many of the most frequent operations that can serve as a guide. There are many opinions about what to do when riding a pitbike. It depends on what the manufacturer has done previously, it is usually rather little, and what the seller advises us. As a general rule, apart from the obvious mounting of the wheels, we have to retighten all the hardware and especially the sensitive one such as the engine anchors to the chassis or the seatposts. For this purpose, the pot of fixes medium hardness screws will become our best ally. Both now and on the track. It is one of the compulsory purchases since many screws are usually loosened due to the vibrations of these motorcycles. Over time it would be desirable to change the screws Original, which is usually of poor quality, for decent industrial hardware.

Minimotard MonsterProM4 Course

These motorcycles usually come with motor oil and in this case there are also theories for all tastes. There are those who directly throw it away and change it for a new one before starting the engine. Others take advantage of it to do some start-up and even a day of filming. We have contacted the MonsterPro dealer who He has recommended that we do the filming with that oil without problems. In any case, if it is changed for another, it does not hurt the motorcycle but we must not forget to replace the crankcase plug with a magnetized one that will collect the metallic remains that are detached due to the friction of the parts inside the engine.

Sometimes it is recommended to adjust the valves before the first start, in other cases after the break-in together with an oil and filter change. There are carburettors that due to bad gasoline have required cleaning of this element. The best, as we say, is ask the seller about the conditions in which the motorcycle arrives since this one makes an assembly and a partial review according to the cases. If we master mechanics, none of this will represent a handicap when we face maintenance and repairs. In the event that we do not want to stain our hands, the workshops, as we say, can take care of it.

Minimotard MonsterProM4 Course

It is worth noting in this regard as there is a website that exhaustively details almost all mechanical operations that can be carried out on a pitbike with the prices of labor. The necessary parts in any case are paid for by the client and it is already known that things can come out to greater as in large motorcycles. Who has not received a call from the workshop to inform us that, for example, we have worn brake pads and must be replaced. And we had taken the motorcycle for another reason. I personally believe that it is good to be transparent in prices as is this case that I mention.

There are many people who understand that they do the mechanics themselves but we must not neglect the client who prefers to pay for maintenance or simply for someone who wants to get into this world, can have an idea of ​​the budget they should have. In all workshops I think they should specify prices maintenance in detail. Personally, I give an outstanding to the Llorca website in this regard, an example that everyone should follow. As you can see, there are several options to consider. Now it's time to shoot and the first kilometers to the motorcycle but first we must choose an option to transport the motorcycle to the circuit and review the options regarding accident insurance.

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