A very Cafe Racer "short"
A very Cafe Racer "short"

As you can imagine, there are many hours that the members of Motorpasión Moto spend reading on the net, blogs, magazines or articles, related to the world of motorcycles. And each one of us we have our favorites where, as is my case, I look for inspiration when it seems that the muses have abandoned me. Also, I don't need to cross half the world, virtually speaking, to read Voromv's blog, which never disappoints me.

Not only does his way of telling things amuse me a lot, I also always see interesting curiosities like this video that I bring you today. Rather than calling it a video, it would fit perfectly into the short category. Of course, I recommend you watch it slowly, without hasteTake a 15-minute break from your daily chores, I'm sure a smile on your face will be drawn by watching the adventures of this particular Cafe Racer and his Norton.

Robert Milton, who is the name of the director, reviews everyday things that happen often when you are riding your motorcycle, like the children making fun of you in the back seat, the driver protesting next to you, etc … But it also shows many of the typical clichés, such as the look of contempt at the traffic light when seeing another biker that he is not of your same "race".

And you, with which of these images do you identify or have you seen it often?

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