Peugeot Vogue: the return to the classic
Peugeot Vogue: the return to the classic

Can't resist comparing this moped Peugeot vogue to another of the same characteristics that plagued the rural areas of our country, the Derbi Variant. That time when the hassle-free mobility And without making large investments, it was a time of splendor for these moped models that shared a very similar design, Mobilette Cady, Puch Maxi, etc …

And as it seems that history repeats itself, in these times in which without a doubt when evaluating the purchase of any vehicle to circulate through your second home or in a rural environment, or as a support vehicle in a caravan, its price matters a lot. Peugeot, has been launched again to the Spanish market with this 50cc Vogue model that saw the light of day in 1971. Also with the same minimalism and simplicity of yesteryear and at a very competitive price.

And Peugeot may not be wrong in its approach since in Europe a total of 3,000 Peugeot Vogues have already been sold in 2011. Following true to its predecessor the Vogue has a 50cc 2T air-cooled engine with a modest power of 2.12 hp but enough to move it with agility thanks to its content weight of 42 Kilos. The brakes are drum on both wheels.

With rear carrier, a five-liter fuel tank and 16-inch aluminum wheels Peugeot launches the new Vogue for only € 999. It will be available in two colors: Nacreous Black or Magic Blue.

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