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MotoGP Germany 2012. A troubled river Stoner win
MotoGP Germany 2012. A troubled river Stoner win

After a complicated Grand Prix in which a bumpy start (and its replica) has brought more news than we would like, especially regarding the fact that our compatriots have been involved, we come to the next appointment of the CMotoGP World Championship on Sachsenring, Germany, which will be the eighth event on the calendar on a circuit that last year left a brand new winner Dani pedrosa, who is not bad at all, followed by the other two roosters from the MotoGP pen, Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo.

Perhaps for this German GP the problems with the Bridgestone that some pilots had, among them, will not be repeated. Valentino rossi, who in 2011 had to suffer more than necessary on the Ducati finishing penultimate, only beating Sylvain Guintoli, a brand partner, but not a teammate. The one who did not seem to be affected by these problems was Casey Stoner who, thanks to Jorge Lorenzo's bad luck, left Assen tied on points, canceling the 25 difference that Lorenzo had accumulated with his regularity.

motogp assen 2012

At least it seems that MotoGP racing is rekindling, which is quite comforting, because it is difficult to see how the benchmark of competition in the world of sports motorcycling was reduced to seeing how one or the other escaped with no greater spectacle than waiting for the director to show us the struggles for the fourth, fifth and sixth place among the teams of private structures. Perhaps if Lorenzo had continued in the race to the checkered flag, I would have to eat my words, but as we will never know what would have happened, let them dance it away from us.

Regarding this boredom thing, I would like to pronounce myself to say that it seems to me a tremendous lack of competitive spirit on the part of the brands to reject the obligation to compete with a single switchboard for all, among other modifications of the regulation. Wouldn't it be better to match the very expensive electronics to know which is the brand that makes the best motorcycles?

Returning with what touches I hope that Dani pedrosa the fatigue problems that he suffered in Holland to make the changes of direction have been something specific, although Jorge Lorenzo He is going to come back with a lot of desire (and a sprained ankle) to show who he is, still, the leader of the MotoGP World Championship. For the latter I am going to give him as a favorite in my personal bet for the Sachsenring Grand Prix, although he will have to keep an eye on the kangaroo, Casey stoner, which despite taking early retirement is by no means out of shape.

My top 3 for:

    Jorge Lorenzo

    Dani pedrosa

    Casey stoner

Moto2. Marc Márquez or… Marc Márquez

marc marquez assen 2012

As is, bluntly. I don't see any more options. Marc Márquez has shown that it is today the most complete pilot of the entire large Moto2 grid. There are alternatives, yes, and very good ones, as good as Pol Espargaró, Thomas Luthi, Andrea Iannone and Scott Redding, but none of them have shown to combine professionalism in a 45-minute race to set up a motorcycle, take it to the limit with fierceness, wait patiently for the right moment, fight vehemently in close combat and plan races with surgical precision.

Pol Espargaro I have a sympathy that I hadn't seen for a long time in the World Championship paddocks, I have to admit, I like the boy, and I like his aggressive riding, letting his Kalex move as if it were the bed of the exorcist's girl, but his Temperament can, the desire leads him to make mistakes as he himself recognized in Holland, wanting to escape from the beginning when the front tire was not yet at its optimum working temperature. This year I am not going to give him as champion although I would like, because I think he already has an owner, but in the 2013 I would like to see him crown himself although I may have other plans.

moto2 assen 2012

Andrea Iannone for his part, he placed third second overall, almost a race away from Marc Márquez. Although he continues to sin irregularly, he must not be lost sight of, and the one who seems to have lost sight of his course has been Thomas luthi, but I am convinced that he will also know how to overcome the setback that was carried out in Assen.

My personal bet for Moto2:

    Marc Márquez

    Pol Espargaro

    Thomas luthi

Moto3. Supermack

maverick viñales moto3 2012

In the preview of Assen my colleague Carlos wondered if it would be the coronation of Máverick Viñales. Well, it seems to me that he already answered us himself on the last lap of the race. Not only does he seem to have claimed himself as the most qualified candidate for the title, but also seems to have more arguments than tweets about Sara Carbonero are on the web these days.

The truth is that the general classification only reflects a seven point distance Come in Máverick Viñales and the leathery Sandro Cortese (What an ax he hit his fellow ranks Danny Kent, I stayed ojiplático), but I think we will all agree that the Blusens driver Avintia is going to put a rather large trophy in the windows of his season at the end of the season. home.

moto3 assen 2012

The most angry of all last weekend it was without fear of being wrong Luis Salom. When you believe, disappointed, that you have finished third due to the lack of power between your KTM and the KTMs also but with a black leg, and they tell you that you have to leave the parc fermé because you have finished fourth, it does not have to sit very well. Likewise, I send you all my support from here and I take my hat off because you are doing a more than commendable job. I hope to see you continuously on the podium.

My bet for Moto3:

    Máverick Viñales

    Sandro Cortese

    Luis Salom

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