MotoGP Netherlands 2012: interventionism continues
MotoGP Netherlands 2012: interventionism continues

Another new Grand Prix has passed in which the offices are working to try change or amend what happens on the track. If we put aside the statements of the riders involved Jorge Lorenzo and Álvaro Bautista in the MotoGP incident, and although we can continue debating to draw more or less the almost unanimous conclusion that Jorge Lorenzo has made a mistake in his statements and that as of wise is to rectify, he has asked for the appropriate apologies on his Facebook account acknowledging that "he went a bit too far with his speech."

The fact is that if we get confused with all this mess of statements, it may not let us see that it really intrusion into competition is increasing. We must not forget, no matter how much some insist on denying, that this sport of ours that we are so passionate about is a contact sport and that sometimes two riders and their mounts will coincide in the same space and time trying to be the first. But why not impose common sense and only sanction when the behavior of the pilots is manifestly opportunistic and with an unquestionable will to create dangerous situations.

Furthermore, we have a very close example in the SBK championship. As close as we have been able to see him this weekend at Motorland Aragón as well, when Kenan Sofuoglu intimidates Fabien Foret in very bad ways until he touches himself. Obviously such an attitude is punishable, but what was seen this weekend in MotoGP with Álvaro Bautista's laundry is still a misfortune caused by an unintentional mistake. I think the same about the incident between Marc Márquez and Pol Espargaró from the previous race, none of these "sets" should be penalized.

But leaving aside all the interventionism that surrounds us this year in the championship and analyzing what happened on the Assen track, the fact is that the contenders for the title in two of the categories have missed some precious points in favor of the favorites. So both Pol Espargaró in Moto2 and Jorge Lorenzo in MotoGP if he already had it complicated in his respective fight against Marc Márquez and Casey Stoner, now they will have to sweat every point who want to start their rivals. Undoubtedly, this added pressure is what makes mistakes like the one made by Pol Espargaró going to the ground due to precipitation, can be repeated again. And in the case of Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner it will lead us, I hope and wish, to a real fight for the title on the track. Not like the “tostón” of the race that we have once again seen in Holland.

Regarding the fun and disputed Moto3 category, we have seen Luis Salom complain bitterly because his engine does not run as much as other races and it runs less than the official KTM. Dark insinuations from Salom that we hope will not bring him problems. Now, embarrassing if that was the situation when letting him enter the corralito being fourth. It seems that when you have to work hard and fast in offices, it is not done as effectively as when you have to influence the competition. Of shame, especially when a simple fan lying in the armchair at home with the overhead image on the screen clearly appreciates that Luis Salom is fourth, without delaying the decision more than a few seconds after the image is available.

Maverick Viñales remains the strongest leader of the category with the permission of Sandro Cortese who does not hesitate to fight tooth and nail any position even having contact with his teammate. But Maverick, take my advice, don't celebrate your victories by slapping the cupola, unless an office finds someone “wanting to intervene” and God knows the sanction that may occur to them.

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