MotoGP Netherlands 2012: Jorge Lorenzo explodes while Álvaro Bautista will start last at Sachsenring
MotoGP Netherlands 2012: Jorge Lorenzo explodes while Álvaro Bautista will start last at Sachsenring

Well the truth is that all this leaves me bad body. After the spectacular races we have seen in the Dutch Grand Prix, one ends by agreeing with Casey Stoner, given that makes you want to rush out of a championship in which there is so little respect among the pilots themselves and where decisions and sanctions depend a lot on the color of the bike or who is riding it. All this is due to the incident that we could see in the first corner of the MotoGP race between Alvaro Bautista and Jorge Lorenzo. Okay, Álvaro was really cool, okay, he didn't paint anything in that area, and okay, he has taken Jorge away without eating or drinking it. So far everyone agrees.

But this is a motorcycle race, where everyone has to end up entering a narrow corner, and where it is normal for situations like these to happen. Of course, the only culprit for what happened has been Bautista, as he himself has recognized, but for me it is still just another career set. Unpleasant if you will, because one of the drivers fighting for the title has been defeated, but a haul at the end of the day. Well it turns out that despite the apologies, Lorenzo has exploded against Álvaro, and he has said things that in my opinion do not speak very well of a pilot who should not forget that the same thing could happen to him next week, and that in fact he has already taken more than one place ahead throughout his career. To say that Álvaro Bautista has been sanctioned with starting last on the grid next week at Sachsenring, And this sanction has seemed short to the Mallorcan, who among other niceties has declared:

I am ashamed to see statements like this dedicated to a colleague who the first thing he has done is admit his mistake and apologize. We have all seen Álvaro's statements, where the only thing that worried him was Jorge's situation and where he regretted having taken away the possibility of fighting for such valuable points. But such good words are useless and acting like a man who dresses by the feet when you take one of the untouchables ahead. Bad luck for Bautista, who If he had taken Randy de Puniet or Colin Edwards, nothing would have happened, or if the situation had been the opposite.

Álvaro Bautista in Assen

But this is not all, since Jorge has dedicated more words of affection:

And such a bad way friend. At this rate we will have to see races where overtaking is prohibited, it is going to be that somebody touches itself, and it is that lately everything seems punishable. Be careful, I understand that Lorenzo is pissed off, it would be missing more, but from there to release things like this goes a while. The statements referring to the sanction that have been imposed on Bautista are not bad either, which of course are not bad for him.

Has anyone ever told this boy what the word massacre means? Anyway … On the other hand, career direction has determined, and here I do have to agree, that Lorenzo will be able to have one more engine between now and the end of the season, since due to today's crash it came out on fire, so this would be unfair to someone who falls through no fault of his own. Here if Jorge has been satisfied, who also claims to have had a strong blow to the ankle and knee, although this will not prevent him from being in Germany next weekend.

Likewise, it has recognized that Álvaro and Fausto Gresini They have come to apologize to him, and that although he accepts them, the penalty for being too short still seems unfair. In fact, the he still thinks that the fairest thing would be to impose a penalty race, whoever the driver is, and it may be fine of course, but the border is still very diffuse, and as I said, lately it seems like you can't make a mistake on the bike.

Anyway, sincerely, this type of action is becoming more and more difficult for me, since in all races it seems that every overtaking is under suspicion. I repeat again that it is clear who has screwed up today in the race, but it was only that, and Álvaro's behavior was as desired in this type of situation. Everything that came after that is something else: the penalty of starting last on the grid at the Sachsenring and the tantrum of Jorge Lorenzo, a twenty-five-year-old triple world champion. My excellent racing day has spoiled me …

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