Superbikes Aragon 2012: Kenan Sofuoglu, suspended, passes first, but Sam Lowes wins in Supersport
Superbikes Aragon 2012: Kenan Sofuoglu, suspended, passes first, but Sam Lowes wins in Supersport

It seems that the controversy does not want to leave us this weekend, and in the race of Supersport held in the circuit of MotorLand Aragon, We have had another case that surely lends itself to multiple opinions. Say that the winner of it has been Sam lowes, one of my weaknesses, but the one who really passed the finish line in first position has been Kenan Sofuoglu, that has finally been fifth by penalty, a sanction that consisted of being lost three positions. As it was taken when he was second, well, that should be delayed until fifth place. As he has not done it and also placed first, he has had to settle for fifth place anyway. To say that this punishment was imposed on him with less than four laps to go, so the Turk did not quite understand what was happening. In fact, he believed that he was only losing one position and we have seen him place second in the parc fermé.

But what has Kenan done to get the penalty? Then With six laps to go, he was fighting to overtake Fabien Foret on the long back straight, and in those laps he looked at him a bit defiant and they ended up touching each other in a very dangerous way. Certainly, live and direct, it gave all the impression that it was a new madness of our friend Sofuoglu, but the repetition leaves some more doubt, although few. In any case, it has certainly been a highly dangerous situation. But the race has had much more, and that has only been the finishing touch to a race of real madness.

Fabien Foret

At the beginning there was a red flag as soon as the traffic light went off, with a fall in the starting line itself where they were involved Yves polzer and Valentin debise. The truth is that it left me a bit worried, because they did not put the repetition of the fall and we only saw images of Polzer. Although I admit that after a few minutes I had to get up and I don't know if they have seen the truth. In those, the start was resumed half an hour late and with a very good start of Sheridan Morais, which lasted little, to leave us a beautiful fight between Kenan and Jules Cluzelbut the Frenchman was on the ground with sixteen laps to go, leaving the way clear for what seemed like a comfortable race for Sofuoglu.

But nothing could be further from the truth, because above all Foret and Lowes have given Kenan a lot of work. Foret has sneaked in several times but has come back again, and Lowes has had a great race from less to more and being much more cautious and calm than usual, we already know that sometimes impatience has made him end up on the floor. Thus, Sofuoglu suffered a downturn that made him lose the top positions, and he was in those positions, struggling to regain them when the aforementioned incident occurred.

So in the end, Lowes took a deserved victory, which is the second of the year, followed by Foret and an excellent Morais who gets the first podium of his life in the category. From behind the room has entered Broc parkes and the sanctioned Sofuoglu finished fifth. Sixth has been Ronan Quarmby, seventh Vittorio Iannuzzo, eighth Jed metcher and ninth an old acquaintance of us all, the lost Gabor Talmacsi. In addition to the falls already mentioned, also highlight that of Alex Baldolini, another acquaintance who was leading a great career with the Triumph Daytona 675.

Sheridan Morais

The general classification is still led by Kenan Sofuoglu with 117 points, but now Sam Lowes has climbed to second place, which is placed 16 points behind the Turk and that is emerging as a tough rival in the six races remaining for the fight for the title. With today's fall, Jules Cluzel moves a little further and stands at 33 points, followed by Fabien Foret who remains at 34. The truth is that This second half of the championship is very interesting, And although Kenan seems established and confident in that first place, he will have to be careful. Personally, I'd like to see Lowes tighten the nuts on Kenan.

And so far what this Supersport race in Aragon has given, which will surely still take place throughout this week. In any case, where the pilots will speak will be in the next appointment, which will be in the beautiful Czech circuit of Brno. At the moment Kenan is still the leader and Lowes seems to have taken that little leap of consistency and to really believe it. to be ahead and get victories. He already has two, we will see if he is able to take some more. I think so.

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