Superbikes Aragon 2012: Max Biaggi wins an intense fight with Marco Melandri
Superbikes Aragon 2012: Max Biaggi wins an intense fight with Marco Melandri

After the races held yesterday at Assen in MotoGP, and everything he has brought with him, today we have a good portion of the World Superbikes, and nothing less than in our layout of MotorLand Aragon, where we have attended a first race that seemed to start quietly, but in the end it has kept us in suspense until the last second. Especially because of two Italians who have been in charge of making us happy in the morning, Max biaggi and Marco Melandri, who have had a beautiful fight for victory in this first race. Finally, Max has ended up taking the victory, with a second Marco and with a surprising Carlos Checa in third position, and I say surprising about Carlos because that position has been achieved in the last bars due to the unfortunate fall of Ayrton Badovini, that he was fourth and that he took ahead Tom sykes that was third. So free way to the podium of Checa.

As I was saying, the race looked like it was going to be smooth, and when the traffic light went out Tom Sykes took the lead, making the Superpole achieved yesterday good. But good old Tom's joy would not last long, since when the first round was over he was overtaken by a Eugene laverty that he took the lead and that he started the race with great enthusiasm although then it has been deflated. Behind marched Biaggi, Melandri, Davide Giugliano, Leon Haslam and Czech. Of course, say that in the first corner they went through the ground Jakub Smrz and Jonathan Rea, although Rea has managed to rejoin and finish sixteenth.

It took just a couple of laps when Max placed second, and one later he passed Laverty to place first. If we add to this that Melandri had a nice battle with Laverty for second place in which he lost a lot of time, It seemed that the pirate was marching smoothly towards another uncomplicated victory. And it is that he had a few meters of advantage that seemed definitive, but Marco managed to get rid of Eugene and began hunting Biaggi, little by little cutting the difference. Also, when it seemed that Melandri did not finish fucking Max, he had a small laundry that served the Italian of Bmw to get in first position and thus start the hard and precious battle that we have seen between the two Italians.

Marco Melandri Aragon

Just one lap later it was Melandri who sneaked in and Max again took the lead, but Marco has sold his skin very dearly, and it must be admitted that he has tried everything, because it was worth seeing how when he started first he tried to close all his lines (especially on the finish line), so that Max would not slip through him. But Biaggi is an old dog and he wasn't going to give up so soon. Thus, on the longest straight of the circuit he placed first, entering as the leader on the last lap and no longer letting Marco worry him about that position, although another trick at the end almost cost him a displeasure. Anyway, what Biaggi has achieved his fourth win of the season and remains a strong leader at the head of the general classification. Second was therefore Melandri, who has made a real career and continues to grow in the German brand.

Due to the relentless fight of the Italians, the realization has left the rear group a little aside, in which everything is said, it is not that there have been great changes, except of course that last-minute fall already commented that has ended with Sykes and Badovini on the floor, and that has allowed Carlos to get on the podium. Fourth is over Chaz Davies, which we are no longer surprised to see from those positions, while fifth was finally Laverty and sixth Michel Fabrizio. Haslam has only been able to be seventh and is clearly below his teammate, and Giugliano has been eighth.

Carlos Checa Aragon

Regarding the general classification, The gap that Max Biaggi already opens is beginning to be very, very large, and has already sixty points to Marco Melandri, which is the second classified. Third is Jonathan Rea at 63.5 points, Czech fourth at 69 points and Tom Sykes fifth at 71, the boys are really tight here. But we must admit that Max's consistency this season has been incredible, and I am seeing him calmer and less anxious than other years, which is certainly coming in handy for him.

And so far what this first Superbike race has given of itself, where we have witnessed a beautiful fight between Italians on Spanish soil. Now Let's hope that in the second Carlos gets hooked on the men upside down, Although being realistic, it is going to be complicated, these two are very strong here in Aragon. They will once again be the favorites to win, but it is already known that anything can happen. We will see…

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