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Clement Desalle splits the corduroy in MX1 in Uddevalla (Sweden). Tommy Searle wins in MX2
Clement Desalle splits the corduroy in MX1 in Uddevalla (Sweden). Tommy Searle wins in MX2

Clement Desalle is putting some pepper to the MX1 category in the Motocross World Championship, taking advantage of the fiascos of the irregular Evgeny Bobryshev and the favorite Antonio Cairoli. The difference of 47 points that Cairoli treasured when scoring eight victories, four seconds and a third has evaporated by not scoring in either of the two rounds of the Swedish GP in Uddevalla.

The Belgian Suzuki would be escorted on the podium by Christophe pourcel who scored two second places that earned him the silver step, and for another Belgian in the third step, this one with a more complicated last name, Kevin Strijbos, with a fifth place in the first round and a third in the second.

MX1: Clement Desalle annuls Antonio Cairoli's advantage

Pourcel MX1 Sweden

Satisfied is little for how the Lord must have gone home to rest Desalle. It has been awarded the two sleeves with authority, putting 20 seconds to Christophe Pourcel in the first race and 5 in the second, and also takes the red leader plate that Antonio Cairoli was costing so much effort on his KTM SXF 350.

You have to recognize the merit to Christophe pourcelOf course, it has not been far from his best weekend. He could not take part in the morning's warm up due to stomach problems that he had been dragging on all weekend but that seemed to be resolved enough to take the start in both races, and also, getting the holeshot at the start and leading much of the manga began to have problems with his glasses that caused him to be advanced by Clement Desalle. Once this problem was solved on the fly, he began hunting the Frenchman, but his right boot broke and he had to settle for second place.

Strijbos MX1 Sweden

Kevin Strijbos day by day he feels better on the KTM and he shows it with pride by allowing himself to have a bad start and to climb from 15th to 5th in the first heat on a circuit where most had problems overtaking due to the persistent mud left by Swedish rain. In the second round, a third was awarded, which helped him to leave the other brother at one point Pourcel, Sebastien, off the podium.

Jonathan Barragan He still cannot find the right way to take his Honda to the positions where the young man from Madrid should be, and he has to settle for not climbing beyond the steps twelve and thirteen this time.

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