The vigilantes of Burgos will no longer threaten
The vigilantes of Burgos will no longer threaten

As there were few of us, the grandmother gave birth. So goes the saying that is said around my land to illustrate situations like those that my Burgos neighbors live in the Aranda de Duero area. There three individuals, to call them in some way, and not precisely youngsters with an average age of 52 years, waving the flag of environmental protection and damage to a hunting ground they threatened shotgun at the ready to anyone who dared to cross their dominions. But do not believe that their objective was limited to the unsuspecting bikers who wanted to cross their fiefdom, here no one was saved, walkers and cyclists were also coerced and threatened by these three champions.

I can't help but imagine these vigilantes from Burgos as when the bandit Fendetestas would meet the daring countrymen who happened to cross the animated forest even knowing that the bandit Fendetestas was lurking on the roads. I know that many of you will not even know what this carcamal is talking about, but do not worry that I put a very illustrative video.

Apparently, several walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists were threatened and coerced not to walk and circulate on the roads and lands of a municipality located in the south of the province of Burgos. Said coercion was carried out, on some occasion, carrying firearms, with which they intercepted the passage of the victims to then rebuke them, and all this with the excuse that their transit harmed the natural environment and the practice of hunting. The three authors have been identified and a lack of threats has been imputed to them. Even one of them is charged with a more serious offense against the general interest since it seems to have been proven that he hid traps made of wooden boards full of nails.

In the area where I usually go out with my Enduro bike too I have my particular bandit Fendetestas. In my case, he has no other weapon than his shepherd's cachaba and the sound volume of his vocal cords to give you the halt. It seems that the entire slope of the mountain, where he has his house and used to graze with the flock, was his. And despite the fact that on more than one occasion I have armed myself with Franciscan patience to try to reason with him, there is no way and he prohibits you from driving on the roads as if they were his. At least unlike the Burgos Fendetestas, their reason is simple and they are not adorned with any Taliban environmentalism.

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