Horex VR6 finally on the production chain
Horex VR6 finally on the production chain

The Horex VR6 is the story of a naked pseudo cruiser that is making people wait longer than necessary. The peculiar German motorcycle with very closed V-shaped six-cylinder heart finally going to really see the light after some delay. It is not very usual to see these lapses in the precise and calculating way of working that the Germans have but perhaps the dizzying market rhythm commands And they are not spared from having small setbacks or those who, like them, have had a reputation for flawless manufacturing quality for many years.

Those from BMW who know what it is to suffer in their flesh this type of vicissitudes such as those that occurred with their new BMW C 650 GT and BMW C 600 Sport scooters can account for this. But the positive of the matter is that the final product is more reliable, rounder and the user experience is as complete as it is satisfactory. In these premium brands, it is the company law that it be so. Horex's latest problem has had to do with polluting emissions. Homologation issues for an air system towards the exhaust, but everything has happened to them.

Problems Logistics with suppliers, problems with a system of overfeeding since it is necessary to remember that the first prototypes looked for by means of this system the figure of 200 Cv. When everything seemed ready, another delay came that left the production pointing to the beginning of summer of this year 2012. And the Euro3 standard It seems that it has been, as can be seen from the statements of the factory itself, a headache. Germany, Austria and Switzerland may see this motorcycle this year and the rest of the European countries for next 2013. How will the journey of this unique German end?

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