What color do birds prefer to "poop" on?
What color do birds prefer to "poop" on?

It seems that in the United Kingdom they do not have much to do and are dedicated to doing studies as thoughtful as this one in which they have determined the color preferred by birds to relieve themselves on it. This, which at first glance might seem so banal, is not so banal when what is underneath is your motorcycle or your car.

We already talked about the influence that bird droppings have on the paint of our vehicles. They are not only affected by the gastric juices that accompany these stools, but are also affected by changes in temperature and abnormal dilations that they can end up cracking the lacquer and paint of our mounts.

Based on this study, the preferred color for birds is red, with 18% of vehicles affected. The second most affected color is blue with 14%, followed by black with 11%, white is only affected in 7% and gray / silver with 3%. The least affected color is green, with only 1%. To finish with the statistic, it turns out that seagulls prefer light colors, while pigeons prefer gray.

Another detail is that 17% of owners immediately clean up excrement, while 20% do so in the following days and only 8% never clean stool. Adding up the percentages, we don't know what the other 50% will do, but they don't seem to care much about carrying the brand.

Perhaps this is another absurd statistic like almost all, but it never hurts to know the preferences of the "enemy" to minimize the consequences to the maximum.

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