MotoGP Netherlands 2012: very disputed race in which Maverick Viñales takes victory
MotoGP Netherlands 2012: very disputed race in which Maverick Viñales takes victory

We started very strong on the seventh date of the MotoGP World Championship. Today's race of Moto3, in the circuit of Assen on the occasion of Dutch Grand Prix It was fast-paced, with a first part in which more than twenty riders rode together and then there was a group of five who would compete for victory in the last two corners.

Maverick Viñales (Blusens Avintia) got the victory ahead of the official Red Bull KTM Ajo squad, with Sandro Cortese and Danny Kent. But the differences between these two were so minimal that for a moment, Luis Salom (RW Racing GP) was in third position to finally be fourth.

But let's see everything that has happened in the Moto3 race, which has been a lot.

Sandro Cortese

The traffic light would go off and positions alternated so rapidly that I couldn't tell who was going first. In the step after first turn, Sanro Cortese was first followed by Maverick Viñales, Danny Ketn and Héctor Faubel (Bankia Aspar Team). Positions were constantly swapped and in the fourth round, Viñales made a mistake which took him to eighth position after saving the fall at the end of the straight. Ahead there were also Louis Rossi (Racing Team Germany), Niklas Ajo (TT Motion Events Racing) and Luis Salom.

On the seventh turn, Maverick Viñales not without much effort returned to lead and he tried to escape since the race was very dangerous as they all rolled very close together. Despite sometimes getting a tenth of an advantage, the advantage quickly disappeared when braking hastily.

Not until the tenth lap the huge platoon was breaking. There was a group of six riders left: Maverick Viñales, Sandro Cortese, Luis Salom, Alex Rins (Estrella Galicia 0, 0), Danny Kent and Louis Rossi. A lap later, the Malaysian Zulfahmi Khairuddin (AirAsia-Sic-Ajo) also joined, although it was short-lived as a failure by him and another Álex Rins made them lose contact with the front group.

Danny Kent

Maverick Viñales rolled in the lead, with the two KTMs on the wheel, Luis Salom and a Louis Rossi who remained the last of the group and gave the impression of being the one who had the most difficulties to keep up. Although the positions kept swapping rapidly at every turn and even at every curve.

They were rolling so aggressively that even Sandro Cortese played with Danny Kent and the British was about to go to the ground. Two laps to go, Sandro Cortese went on the attack and at the end of the straight took the inside and forced Maverick Viñales to get out open, losing the Spanish two positions in a row. Very good Keko Ochoa that he was the only one in the cabin who did not see anything punishable (and there was none) in the German's maneuver.

Already in the last lap, everything was undecided. Luis Salom went on to lead the race with Sandro Cortese second and Viñales third. Everything was going to be decided in the last corner, although in the middle of the circuit, Mack overtook Cortese and set his sights on Luis Salom.

Podium Netherlands

The Mallorcan made a mistake at the entrance to the chicane that would ultimately cost him the podium. He arrived too strained and had to brake the bike excessively. Maverick Viñales, from behind, closed the door on Sandro Cortese and passed Salom on the outside of the exit of the last corner. Behind, Kent and Cortese were almost touching leaving one on each side of the Majorcan, Danny Kent on the inside and Sandro Cortese on the outside. The two official KTMs, with greater acceleration, overtook the Spanish, with Sandro Cortese definitely being second and Danny Kent third. The Briton got his first podium. Maverick Viñales, exulting after the victory, smashed the dome with his hands after passing the finish line.

Moto3 provisional general classification: * 1. Maverick Viñales, 130 points * 2. Sandro Cortese, 123 pts. * 3. Luis Salom, 88 pts. * 4. Romano Fenati 65 pts. * 5. Louis Rossi, 56 pts.

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