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Presentation of Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course
Presentation of Minimotard Motorpasión Moto Course

Eloy from RacingMinimotards in action

They couldn't get more fashionable in such a suitable time, because in times of economic recession, price content productsThey have their reason for being. But it must be recognized that everything is relative and many things depend on the color of the glass with which they are viewed. One has the opportunity to see the crowded shopping centers in any part of the geography of our bull hide on any given weekend, and think that the crisis is a bluff that they want to sell us. Although it is true that, with everything, there are people who are having a hard time. From Motorpasión Moto we have developed a Minimotard Course since the subject of pitbike, we can assure that No cheating or cardboard. They are what you see, 100% guaranteed fun at the lowest cost.

Although, as in many areas of life, if you can and can afford it, the budget can be very large. By product, by fan community, by people who increasingly join this discipline and by distributors who fight every day to provide a service at the height and organize championships, the pitbike in our country, they deserve more than just sporadic articles in press or some mention. They deserve a full-blown pit bike course in their own right. They are fun for the biggest but also a quarry for those who start, just as they have been, and are, the competition scooter and the mini-bikes. We welcome you to Motorpasión Moto Minimotard Course.

Rebel Master Pole Boxes

We will focus this series of articles on asphalt pitbike of the minimotard type or pitmotard, as you prefer to call it, which is similar to its sisters, larger in size and displacement, the Supermotards. It should also be mentioned that pitbikes have off-road versions with which to practice motocross but the first difference that should be made before entering this world is to be clear if you want a model for leisure (batches and runs), or for competition (careers). After having this clear, we can decide if it is towards the ground or towards the asphalt, as is our case, where to direct our eyes.

One of the advantages that we will have is that we will not do tests of motorcycles to use but that we will tell a real case. Whoever writes these lines will momentarily leave the road motorcycle to immerse himself in the world of mini-bikes. Although personally I prefer to say that I return for my old privileges since a long time ago I competed two seasons on a scooter. Therefore, we have that plus that gives work on something that will be used regularly and not on a specific use. This provides us with continuous first-hand information on the subject matter at hand. We will have the help of some brands and fans who will offer us support, advice and advice on everything we need. In this sense, it should be mentioned that not all the brands on the market will be there, but there will be an important selection from the national scene. We have ahead of us a bulk of articles, about 9 approximately, which will be divided into two big blocks.

Minimotard oil level

Minimotard course: first block

We will start by putting ourselves in the shoes of a person who is interested in pitbikes and begins to look for information through physical stores, the internet or other channels. We will see the different types of motorcycles that the market offers us until we acquire a unit. Before we start shooting we cannot ignore such basic topics as maintenance of these motorcycles, the right tool for their care and the options to follow in this regard. We will take into account issues such as physical training since rolling in karting or circuits, even if they are small, requires being up-to-date in this regard. We will review all necessary accessories to go riding, insurance for batches and how to transport the motorcycle to the circuit.

Minimotard course: second block

Here we will get fully on track, not without previously making an adequate break-in of the engine. We will see the options we have to learn to ride and where to do it. We will give an account of everything our saddle needs between batch and batch to always have it up to date and ready for a magazine. We will shuffle the possibilities of enter competition reviewing the current offer of races that are organized and see the atmosphere that is breathed in this type of tests. We will finish breaking down all the money spent to have a real and accurate reference of each and every one of the euros spent.

Once again, we welcome you to this Motorpasión Moto Minimotard Course in which the articles will be published day if, day not from the first. By the way, for all audiences and ages. (Thanks to Eloy and Carlos from Racing Minimotard pitbikes for the collaboration on this article).

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