On a Vespa through the Alps, what beautiful memories
On a Vespa through the Alps, what beautiful memories

How treacherous are the memories, because even though seven years have passed since I visited the area, seeing this video of a Vespa trip through the Alps I couldn't help but remember the adventure that trip was. How much fun we had in the good times, how overwhelming other times were and how much you want to repeat the experience again.

And it is that in the 11 long minutes that the video lasts we can see very well summarized what one of these trips is. Secondary roads with many curves and incredible landscapes. Some minor repairs and others (the least) of something more than changing a gas cable. More incredible scenery and more back roads. The kind of villages you only see when the Tour de France passes by. And camaraderie with the others in the group. A very important detail because in those moments is when you really know the people you are with. And you can take some unpleasant surprise as it happened to me.

Well I'm going to stop being silly and I'll leave you with the video.

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