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Mauno Hermunen wins under the changing climate of Pleven (Bulgaria)
Mauno Hermunen wins under the changing climate of Pleven (Bulgaria)

After almost a month of waiting we have returned to enjoy one of the spectacular races of the World Supermoto Championship, in this case in Pleven, Bulgaria, without a doubt the most spectacular circuit (for the moment) of the entire calendar with its beastly slopes, dubbies, and asphalt plateaus. If anyone knows of something more spectacular and varied than this, please tell me.

Mauno hermunen came with the desire to repeat the victory of last year, and went home happy to win the first two rounds and the third place in the third. The Chareyre brothers are still tough nuts to crack and they were Thomas second and Adrien third, but the hairy Finn is making room among so many hegemonic titan in this sport.

First sleeve. Mauno Hermunen prevails in the rain


Ivan Lazzarini He flies off on his Honda sailing through the rain and takes his place first. followed by Mauno Hermunen and Adrian Chareyre. Everyone went out with hairy ones given the weather conditions but even so the scares were continuous, like the one in Adrien Chareyre, who was going to the ground and left on a tray Hermunen the victory once having got rid of this of Lazzarini, who took a comfortable lead of 5 seconds that he only had to manage until he excelled in the last lap.

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