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This is Dirt Quake, custom bikes (and other inappropriate ones) in a muddy oval
This is Dirt Quake, custom bikes (and other inappropriate ones) in a muddy oval

Long live Choper Speedway! The battle cry that reflects very clearly what the Dirt Quake, a concentration of crazy people about motorcycles and the Speedway in which anything goes and everything has a place. And thank goodness we have Anat there attentive and reminded me yesterday that the video summary of this event was already published.

Apart from the fact that in Spain the Speedway is almost as rare as a green dog, it is even rarer to bring together such a heterogeneous group of motorcycles on a track of this specialty. Of course, the easy thing has been to catalog them, or they were Street Trackers, Chopers or inappropriate motorcycles. And they stay so hot. The best thing is that with the rain and the mud they have had a great time skidding (the one they could) down the track, at speeds that look quite absurd and with little risk to the physical health of the participants.

Although before giving the summary video, let's do things well and see the Trailer that the organizers marked for the event. With a lot more sun and less mud on the track.

This is Dirt Quake

And finally the video summary, eight minutes or so of people having fun with motorcycles. If there is even a Vespa 50! All my appreciation for whoever finds the minutes in which it comes out. And even more appreciation for whoever finds the Stig, who was there too.

Dirt Quake preview

With the heat is falling these days in Spain almost that it is appreciated to see something a little cooler.

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