Suzuki Hayabusa funeral speed record
Suzuki Hayabusa funeral speed record

The funeral traditions and burial rites they can be very different depending on the part of the world where they take place. The ceremonies to say goodbye to loved ones are a tradition as old as the beginnings of history. With these rituals, apart from mourning as a way to make visible the feelings that one has towards the person who has abandoned us, we overcome death due to the loss of a loved one. In our country, the most common is to bury the body or incinerate it after a ceremony that includes a mass.

In the most exotic countries one can see ways that are at least curious for us to pay tribute to the deceased. A) Yes in Ghana they personalize the coffin. In Tibet they prefer to be grass for vultures. In a town in China, the dead are hung on a hill. The most modern services make that even the ashes of the incinerator are turned into coal that gives rise to a jewel to always carry the loved one with them. There is even a service that goes into orbit doing burials in space. And of course, bikers are not going to be less and whoever likes it, can hire high-speed funeral services as we will see below.

I recognize that these articles that carry death on their heels, never better said, are not what is said to give "good vibes" but to the people of Motorcycle funerals the business does not seem to be working badly when, as stated on their website, they have been providing service for ten years. Specifically since 2002. And they have models of Triumph, Harley Davidson and a Suzuki Hayabusa for such purposes. Of course, the speed record in the funeral Suzuki Hayabusa is the heritage of Pastor Paul Sinclair who boasts of having the speed record of this type of vehicle with 189 km / h. Come on, how carelessly the sleeping passenger wakes up at such speeds.

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