The racing sidecar in action and explained in detail
The racing sidecar in action and explained in detail

Those of you who have been here the longest will know that I'm really passionate about sidecars, I have even commented on occasion that I have had the opportunity to help restore one and learn how to drive it. What happens is that racing sidecars have long ceased to be a motorcycle with an appendage on one side to become a vehicle with three asymmetrically arranged wheels and only one wheel with traction. Something that you hardly ever see in Spain, with the exception of Ricardo Tormo Day and some other concentration of classic competition motorcycles. But the rest of the world continues to see sidecar racing, even at the Isle of Man TT a category of these curious vehicles is contested.

Luckily, there is almost everything on the Internet and Motor Sport Retro has rescued a You Tube video in which Tiff Needell and Steve Webster take a racing sidecar around the Cadwell Park circuit.

It is not only spectacular to see the movements of the passenger of the sidecar, and the blind confidence that he has in the pilot. They also explain what the sidecar is like below the aerodynamic body. A carbon fiber structure with parallelogram suspensions. A two-stroke four-cylinder engine propels the beast, and two brave pilots pilot the machine. Enjoy the video, that while I go to see if I find any more information about the current sidecars and their competitions. And above all, don't miss the last scene of the video that makes your hair stand on end!

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