Exhibition of Ateliers Ruby helmets in Santa Eulalia
Exhibition of Ateliers Ruby helmets in Santa Eulalia

Every day you learn things and on my recent visit to the Isiraider facilities for the Victory Vision Tour test, I was able to admire the helmets up close for the first time Ateliers Ruby. I knew that they had been around since 2004 and that they have recently become fashionable again among classic and custom motorcycle users, but until then I had not had the opportunity to see them live.

Jerôme Coste, designer and founder of Ateliers Ruby, creates almost unique models in which aesthetics prevail above all else, well not because the safety of this type of open helmet is equal to that of models from other recognized brands. There are two types of collections that they treasure: Pavillon fully open and Belvedere, with a different front screen than what you normally see. And in the words of Jerôme himself, it is sought create the most beautiful helmets in the world.

Ateliers Ruby

Since last May 9 and Until July 17 °, the traditional barcelonan shop Santa Eulalia, founded in 1843 in the Plà de la Boqueria has at its entrance a collection of the Ateliers Ruby which can also be purchased by visitors if they wish. Along with the Parisian helmets you will also be able to admire a very special Flat Tracker style motorcycle animated by a 650cc engine.

This motorcycle, a TriBSA, is made by hand about the twin-cylinder engine of a Triumph and the Featherbed chassis of a BSA, as our colleague Luis told us when he discussed the Cafe Racer. And the best of all is that it is approved to be able to legally circulate on the road.

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