Mikey Rourke's Custom signed by Roland Sands Design
Mikey Rourke's Custom signed by Roland Sands Design

That you are a Hollywood star and you have a lot of money is not usually synonymous with that you have good taste. Although if you let yourself be advised by professionals, the whim you have to pay homage to your deceased Chihuahua may end up turning into something interesting like Mickey Rourke's Custom made for him by Roland Sands. And that in the actor's career we can find some "motorcycle movies" although they have almost always been Custom motorcycles like the one he drove in "Harley Davidson & the Marlboro man".

The end result is that it seems pretty good to me, considering that these movie stars are usually quite tacky. In this case, the gold does not seem to be completely out of tune with the whole. Although the part I like the most is the rims, which I find to be an exceptional milling and painting job.

Focusing on the bike, the base was a 2005 Harley Davidson Softail which was conveniently disassembled and transformed into the Roland Sands workshop. In this transformation, the single-arm swingarm that they have manufactured stands out above all. The fuel tank, the oil tank and the seat have also been made to measure. Upon the engine colors tell that it was Mikey Rourke himself advised by Jason Statham, friend and also fan of motorcycles, who chose them. Roland Sands says that at first the bike was going to be a bit more rustic, but seeing how the work evolved and that he decided on a satin black, with pearl white metallic with black and gold, they changed the plan to do something more “finished”, the result is what we can see in the photos. What do you think?

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