Interview with the AXO pilot; Antonio Cairoli
Interview with the AXO pilot; Antonio Cairoli

He enters the room in good company, you can see him a shy man who doesn't like being the center of attention too much. But at the same time, his look and body expression tells you that if he has to say something, he will be completely honest, even knowing that his words may annoy someone. He is always very attentive to fans who ask for autographs or a photo and patiently attends to everyone even though he does not have great conversations with them. As he is almost always dressed in a large cap that is tight up to his ears and wears a large black watch on his wrist, huge sunglasses tell us that he likes to go unnoticed here in Italy where his popularity is enormous.

The five times World Champion Antonio Cairoli He is proud of what he is achieving for Italian MotoCross, which has more and more fans in this country, and he is also proud that an Italian brand like AXO is his partner in this great adventure. But let's go with the interview to which a small group of Spanish journalists had access and in which Tony Cairoli told us very interesting things.

Tattoo 222 Cairoli

Despite the fact that on his official website it says that he is the son of Pope Benedict XVI and that what he is achieving in the world of MotoCross is closer to something divine than not human. Undoubtedly, this paternity is a curious misprint that only occurs in the Spanish translation. But precisely Cairoli himself told us that thanks to his father Benedict (not XVI) who bought him a second-hand motorcycle that bore the number 222 and this it seemed like a beautiful number that he adopted as his own and that today is a hallmark that is even tattooed on his arm.

Without a doubt, the degree of harmony that Antonio Cairoli has achieved with the new KTM 350 SX is essential so that the results are accompanying him year after year despite the fact that his most direct rivals also improve a lot each season. But as Tony Cairoli told us, the KTM 350 is ideal for European circuits that are more technical and less fast than those of the American championship. By the way, when asked if it is part of his plans to go to the Americas, it is clear to him and he does not see it viable today. The same thing that when asked if he is interested in speed competition, he tells us that in 2006 when he tested the motorcycle of his friend Valentino Rossi he had enough with that interesting experience but that it is not his thing.

Tony Cairoli interview

Likewise, he is also very clear that despite the fact that Enduro or rallies like the Dakar draw his attention a lot and he does not even rule out a participation in the Dakar in a few years, if he does, he will do it by car, not by motorcycle. It is also very clear that electric motorcycles may be the future and despite the fact that never tried any, says that possibly many years from now the MotoCross World Championship can be raced with electric motorcycles but he hopes that he is already retired from competition.

For a rider who has already won the World Championship so many times, it is difficult to set new challenges that maintain the enthusiasm necessary to continue striving daily, but Antonio Cairoli's goal is clear. Reach one of the greats in numbers Stefan Everts with 10 world titles, adding the difficulty that many of the titles that Stefan Everts won when Dorna ran the championship were counted differently than today.

Cairoli and Albi

Lastly, we were talking about the championship, his rivals and the Spanish riders who, according to Antonio Cairoli, see that they are growing every day but that they still have a way to go to be consolidated in the top positions. Special mention was made to the Honda pilots who despite the great effort of the brand and Honda's interests to win the championship things don't go well. In short, a great day that allowed us to get to know the great Champion Antonio Cairoli a little more closely thanks to his sponsor AXO.

Note: Travel and accommodation expenses for the visit to the AXO factory have been borne by the manufacturer. For more information, consult our policy of relations with companies.

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