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KTM 690 Duke, test (highway driving and passenger)
KTM 690 Duke, test (highway driving and passenger)

A motorcycle like the KTM 690 Duke which is so effective and fun between curves, it can't do so well on all types of terrain. And perhaps where it develops worst is in highway. It will take you from point A to point B, but do not demand more of it because it will have become a mere object to move around.

His new seat divided is very comfortable and in the back it picks up the whole contour very well. It does not have lumbar support like a custom one but it is high enough to support the lower part of the back on it and relax the posture.

The posture of the legs is also comfortable since they are barely flexed and the toes are not excessively oriented downwards. But both in them and in our body we will suffer the scourge of the air as we begin to approach the maximum speed on the highway.

KTM 690 Duke

I thought that the small front deflector located above the headlight was going to serve to deflect more air but nevertheless, the very low position of the set together with a forward stance causes all the air to crash directly against your chest. You notice perfectly how the pressure increases and you start to swell as if you unfurled candles.

And in a closed circuit, if you approach its maximum speed (you can get to see the 200 km / h on the scoreboard of the KTM 690 Duke, which is outrageous for a single cylinder) either you crouch completely or it will appear that a powerful and invisible force is bent on rip your hands off the handlebars.

So the best thing is to get in sixth, find an optimal speed and posture that allow you to go relaxed and reach your destination. At constant speed on the highway the vibrations are very contained So it will not happen to you like in other monkeys that even your hands or the soles of your feet go to sleep. You can even do some little trip with it without problems since KTM has hardware and side bags in its Power Parts catalog.

KTM 690 Duke: let's go with the passenger

KTM 690 Duke

The first thing I can say about the space for the passenger of the KTM 690 Duke is that, if you have gotten on a sporty or naked KTM, you've got on all of them. He commented on it because it took my passenger exactly five minutes for his body to perfectly remember the position that took many, many kilometers in the KTM 990 Superduke and in the KTM 690 Supermoto.

The height of the passenger seat is not excessively elevated, at least not as much as before when the total height of the motorcycle was higher. What if they are higher than normal Are the footpegs of the passenger, which forces you to carry your legs a little more bent than normal.

To the lateral it has paths handles But they told me from the back row that they are a bit low and to get there correctly, you have to bend the entire upper trunk a little (turtle mode hiding the head). If not, only the fingertips will reach correctly but you will not be able to go around the entire handle.

KTM 690 Duke

Perhaps, if they were elevated only one more centimeter, it would be reached without problems. I can't tell you if a female passenger smaller than mine (who is 1.80 meters tall) would arrive better or worse, although I suppose they would do it in a similar way unless the proportion in the length of the arms is greater.

Already en route the seat has a fluffy correct and it is long and wide enough to be moderately comfortable. Like the pilot, the vibrations they are felt in the rear, especially on the footpegs. And they will be greater the more the pilot insists on going low in laps and making full throttles with the engine dead, which will also notice the increase in weight.

From a driving point of view, dynamically its behavior does not vary much. Those extra kilos in the back do not lower the bike excessively, although they do make it somewhat softer from the back. Between curves it is almost as agile as without a passenger thanks to the fact that its geometry does not vary excessively as in other motorcycles, that when the passenger gets on if you do not increase the preload it seems that it turns the motorcycle into a custom one and the front wheel begins to step a couple of meters ahead.

KTM 690 Duke

Little more to tell you about the KTM 690 Duke, at least until Friday when we will close the test by commenting on its consumption, its load capacity, you can see it in action in a video and we will give you our final assessment.

To be continue…

Thanks to the security personnel of Perlora and the rescue teams of the Carranques and Huelgues beaches for allowing us to take the photos in their environment.

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