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Rizoma Accessories for the Kawasaki ZX-10R
Rizoma Accessories for the Kawasaki ZX-10R

The accessories factory Rhizome has put up for sale a accessory kit for the customization of the most powerful sports car of the green brand: the Kawasaki ZX-10R. The set of parts that we will describe below has been adapted or created specifically for this model, and includes parts of all kinds.

For example we can provide it with handle protections Proguard System, footpegs delayed and adjustable, new handles both brake and clutch and a series of protections both for the engine and for the tires. All these accessories are designed for both road and track use.

Proguard System

Proguard System

The protections for the handles Proguard System We have seen them this year as one of the main novelties in the MotoGP World Championship. It is a rod that protects the tip of both the brake and the clutch and prevents them from being actuated accidentally.

The idea derives directly from the protections of motocross motorcycles and more specifically from the supermotard, where melee touches are the order of the day. The kit replaces the original motorcycle weights with others to which the Proguard System can be anchored by means of an Allen screw.

They are made entirely of aluminum and available in three colors: aluminum, black or gold. The recommended selling price of each unit is 89 euros.

EVO adjustable set back footpegs

EVO adjustable rear footpegs

If you are a regular on the circuit, the EVO set back and adjustable footpegs they are possibly one of the first accessories that you acquire for your Kawasaki ZX-10R. They have TÜV approval and are made of aluminum alloy.

the regulation possibilities are four, very quickly and easily. The tolerance range in which it can be placed is 20 millimeters both on the horizontal axis (front-back) and on the vertical (top-bottom). The heel is made of aluminum as well as the trim that hides the unused adjustment holes.

These footpegs can be used with normal gearbox or in turn with the reversed change (first up) as in the exclusive circuit bikes. The price is 549 euros.

Feel brake and clutch levers

The Feel brake and clutch levers They are manufactured from a block of special aeronautical aluminum alloy (avional- ergal 70-75) by the CNC mechanized cutting system. Is it so studied in a wind tunnel to avoid air pressure at high speeds. For this, the end is completely open and thus allows the air to escape freely.

Are articulated so that they do not break in the event of a fall and also have a multitude of adjustment possibilities thanks to their seating on bushings with return springs. They can be purchased in three colors, gold, black or aluminum at a price of 169 euros the brake lever and 129 euros the clutch.

Rim and engine protector


If we finally kiss the asphalt, it is best to have installed protections for both engine and tires, to prevent the tires, fork dropouts and swingarm from rubbing against the ground. They are made of aluminum and Derlyn and the friction part can be quickly replaced in the event of a fall. They are sold in pairs and the price of each set is 79 euros. They are only available in aluminum.

In addition, there are also available another series of articles or variants of those proposed here such as:

  • Chain cover
  • Avio 21 turn signals
  • License plate holder Fox
  • RRC footpegs and levers
  • Sprocket protector
  • Cuffs
  • Passenger footpegs
  • Rear-view mirrors

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