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Ducati does not understand crisis, new sales and revenue record
Ducati does not understand crisis, new sales and revenue record

At a time when the excuse of the global economic crisis serves to justify any strategy or act by a company, Ducati he forgets the cries and the complaints while lifting his chest during World Ducati Week 2012. There, Gabriele Del Torchio, has made public the numbers that the Borgo Panigale company has handled in May of this year. In summary, sales have increased by 12% while income they reach the 20% compared to the last year.

Closed factories, cheap models, lack of budget etc … are many of the news that reach our ears every day. Today, with Ducati as an example, we are going to give some good news to underline that a job well done will, sooner or later, be well rewarded. During the same press conference in which Gabriele announced these results, he also wanted to give some information that talks about the company policy that the company has followed since its arrival at the controls in 2006. At the time, they had a staff of workers from 1043 people while, to this day, the sum reaches up to 1193. With humanity, confidence and a pinch of passion.

The value of investment in R&D

Gabriele del torchio

Maybe some of the decisions you've made Gabriele del torchio During his tenure they have not been all that well received by the Ducatistas, being the server the first one who missed an official team in Superbikes - although after seeing the Althea team, one is satisfied -. However, his plans have gone perfectly. By chance, by luck or for knowing how to find the moment Ducati has put on sale, in times of crisis, the most groundbreaking and charismatic models on the market; the Ducati Multistrada 1200 in 2010, the Ducati Diavel in 2011 and the Ducati 1199 Panigale in 2012. These three models have been and are the benchmark in their sectors, that, in the event that machines such as the Diavel or the MTS1200 existed, they exceeded by far everything seen to date. They are undoubtedly the fruit of investment in R&D, of passion and the desire to do what is good, better. To see if this has worked or not, just take a look at the data and see how the brand has gone from harvesting 305 million euros in 2006 to 480 in 2011.

And how much is that in motorcycles? Although, obviously, a good percentage of the profits come from sectors such as the sale of merchandising, Ducati has put it on the streets of half the world a total of 42,200 new motorcycles in this last stage.

Reasons to believe in 2012

Audi's involvement in Ducati

Yes, 2011 has been the best year in Ducati's history since it was founded back in 1926, but the new season doesn't look any worse. Although the environment is hostile, there are certain indicators that, for example, have led Europe's largest car manufacturer to invest in Bologna. The effort and dedication they have put in in recent years to promote the "made in Italy" product in a market like the American or the Asian they have supposed An increment 48% in the first case and, in the second, from an overwhelming 238%.

Yes, in MotoGP the results may not be coming, but the truth is that the machinery that moves the ins and outs of Ducatis is working perfectly and, right now, they are at a point from which they can aim as high as they should.

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