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Second test of Cesmotard in Lleida: first urban on the calendar
Second test of Cesmotard in Lleida: first urban on the calendar

Last weekend the second round of the Spanish Supermotard Championship calendar, CeSMotard, and the first of the controversial planned to be disputed in urban circuits with the idea of ​​reducing costs and attracting more public to this sport than the one that still lacks fans who would surely be delighted to enjoy such a spectacular discipline.

The Campos Eliseos hosted this test under the tutelage of MC Lleida, who was in charge of fine-tuning the 1,200-meter route and the land area so that the teams and drivers could enjoy the first time for many in a planned circuit on the streets of a city as it was done in the old days.

SM30: Ford Dunn and Lopez dominating

CeSMotard Lleida SM30

Joint first categories, SMA and SMA30. Matthew ford dunn and Joan Lopez They started from the first and second places on the starting grid followed by Abel Urizarbarrena and Dani García who completed the first row. But the first two are determined this year to divide the sleeves without giving the option to more participants, thus Joan would win the first sleeve and Matthew the second exchanging positions, closing positions of honor Óscar Moce and Abel Urizarbarrena, all of them from SMA30. On SMA Abel Clivillé won both heats and Andoitz Arruabarrena climbed to the second step of the podium and Isaac Melián to the third.

The battle between Cucharrera and Escalera in SMOpen continues

CeSMotard Lleida

On SMOpen the cake was distributed again between Israel Ladder (KTM) and Francesc Cucharrera (Kawasaki). In the first round, Escalera withstood the onslaught of the KTM until the end of the straight was ahead, but so much momentum takes its toll and "Cucha" ended up going to the ground having to settle for second place. In the second round it was more of the same, except that on this occasion Cucharrera endured within the line by making an overtaking similar to that of the first and was able to win the race by awarding the first step of the podium by regulation, relegating Escalera to second and leaving the third for Anthony Ford Dunn (Honda). This year these two boars are not going to leave even crumbs for the rest, the equality between them is maximum and they are one step above the others.

CeSMotard Lleida 2

Another cast in SMPromesas for Xavi Rodríguez and Alejandro Jover

The category SMPromises it was run jointly with SMOpen and also had a distribution of victories, Xavi Rodriguez would take the first and Alexander jover the second, playing some very entertaining heats fought in a group together with Gastón García and Víctor Alguacil, forming a final podium with Alejandro Jover at the top, Xavi Rodríguez second and Gastón García third.

Last in SMRoad, playing one-handed, Quique Hernández came out with pole position and was placed first when the traffic light went out and only Pablo López could disturb him until mechanical problems made him leave, giving second place to José Manuel Esteve and third to Javier Vida.

Although in my opinion it is a step back in the organization to return to the urban circuits, it must also be said that what both the championship and the sport need is public, to make known a discipline that is still hidden and covered for the fans. In addition, practically the entire street circuit was as safe as many of the kartings where supermotard is usually practiced. If evolution does not go against the safety of the pilots, at least I am not going to fault it.

By the way, am I the only one who thinks that the winter emergency macro-car parks that populate our roads and are practically never used are a more than decent option to organize events of this type?

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