CEV Buckler 2012 reaches its equator at the Circuit de Catalunya
CEV Buckler 2012 reaches its equator at the Circuit de Catalunya

A month has already passed, and it has lasted forever, until the return of CEV Bucler 2012, this time the teams that make up the populated grills of all categories take a walk to the northeast to, in this case, not contest a any race, but the race CEV Buckler's 100th anniversary within the 15th anniversary of the championship in the Circuit de Catalunya.

Since 1998, thanks to the races that we have been able to enjoy, it has become one of the national reference where we even make a quarry of foreign pilots, Stoner for example. So much so that 15 world champions have left the tracks of this national. And not only riders, but categories and regulations have been successfully gestated in the test laboratory into which the CEV has been transformed, such as Stock Extreme, Moto2 and Moto3.

Stock Extreme 2

In Stock Extreme after three races contested Carmelo Morales He has been intractable by claiming the last two victories and a second place in the Jerez test, but he will have to be careful with Kyle Smith, Santiago Barragán, Xavi Forés and Javi del Amor, who are always attentive to any mistake to be awarded the highest possible position on the podium.

The Kawasaki they are showing this year tremendously competitive, the new model has made many friends within the category grids like this one. So much so that 15 of the 21 registered motorcycles They are green cucumbers, only the Suzuki of Javi del Amor and the BMW of Xavi Forés are being able to stand up to the vegetable tide.


Moto2, as disputed as ever, has Jordi Torres as current Leader After winning the last two rounds, he will have to keep up to ensure that his lead is not diminished by the horde of drivers with options. As in the world championship, equality in material means that many pilots have options to bathe in cava, especially Kenny noyes, who has been the only one who has not got off the podium all season, and we also have Roman Ramos, leaving the difference between the first and third in twelve points.


There is even more equality in Moto3, where three dots separate the leader Alex Marquez from Phillip Öttl, but esque until the fifth classified the difference is nothing more than 11 points. These youngsters are taking a considerable beating and it is by far the most contested category until someone decides to take a qualitative leap and assiduously take these little four-stroke prototypes to victory.

The Schedule are the following, while remembering that we can enjoy our precious CEV Buckler through Energy and in Mitele.es (Let's hope they don't decide to put as much publicity as in the last World Cup test).

  • Stock Extreme: 11:00
  • Moto2: 12:00
  • Moto3: 13:00
  • Kawasaki Ninja Cup: 14:00
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