The Rumbler, a classic-style Triumph Scrambler
The Rumbler, a classic-style Triumph Scrambler

I have to admit that with the amount of motorcycles that I see every day, it is becoming more and more difficult to find one that surprises me. Even that filter may not pass at first, but a few days later it ends up on the cover as it happened to me with this one. The Rumbler, a Triumph Scrambler which has been prepared by LSL and Jens vom Brauck to participate in the next Tridays.

And why has it caught my attention? Well, as I have already told you at the beginning, the photos of the motorcycle alone were not enough to pass the filter, what has made me notice it are the photos Uli Bree has posted on his Facebook profile. A few simple images of the bike in the muddy field have worked the miracle. Because in them the idea of ​​what the Scrambler is is very well reflected, a motorcycle that was not originally designed for Off-road but that with a little work and some parts fulfills its mission in the field more than more than enough.

The list is not excessively long for the end result. A few JVB parts such as the headlight, fenders, side panels and seat, and LSL work. All complemented with an inverted front fork, some Öhlins shock absorbers, a pair of spoke aluminum wheels and a Pirelli Scorpion Rally in sizes 110 / 80-19 and 140 / 80-18, some Racing brakes and a Magura radial brake cylinder and an Arrow exhaust complete this The Rumbler, Triumph Scrambler.

What is very special about this bike?

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